5 Keyboarding Games-Help Kids Learn Typing

The world today has gone technological hence the demand to acquire some typing skills. It is a good idea to introduce 5 kids’ typing games to your kids which gives them an advantage of mastering the art of typing. The best part is that children will love it and these type of games have become popular in the young generation niche. Among the numerous things that your kid has to learn, typing games bring all the fun, and they are easy to learn.

Apart from the fun generated, the elementary student will be in a position to polish on keyboarding skills. Since you are looking forward to a kid who can easily cope with a keyboard, the following pertains what you should know about these games and the benefits realized. There are also some cool games that you can introduce your kid after reading the context.

When Should Kids Learn to Type?

It is not necessary to introduce it to your juniors as soon as you are eager to see them typing. It is still okay for them to learn hyper-speed typing at young ages, but the right stage for them to gain the finger speed and coordination is between 7-8 years old. If your kid is in the fourth grade, then he or she is developmentally ready to start learning typing skills.

If you ask the experts, they will tell you that proper typing starts require one to be able to isolate fingers and arch your palms correctly. The phenomenal should not discourage anyone from introducing their young ones at the youngest of their ages and instead opt to wait for them to grow a little older. That is why these games are recommended for kindergarten use so that the children can practice where the letters are laid out for them to place fingers in the right column.     

4 Benefits of Typing Games for Kids

a) Kids Learn from Something They Can Relate to

Your kid will learn to gain speed and accuracy through the typing games. They have something that kids can easily understand and relate to –the cartoons and fun sequence. In the moment of learning the game, they become fast in their typing ability to become gurus as they grow up.

Learning is integrated with child pleasure so, it is easy for kids to make word moves and know how to rhyme their fingers with the QWERTY arrangement. Some onsite typing games also come with tests for the kids to gauge how fast they can type and check the accuracy. A kindergarten or junior school incorporating keyboarding games into their curricula produce outstanding results which restores confidence in parents and teachers. 

b) There Is Everything for Everyone

There are free typing games out there for your kids to try and they target large audiences of kids from different parts of the world. Some are focussed on the experienced while others belong to the amateurs. They are an ideal solution for kids at the age of five, but there is no harm in introducing it when the child is three years old.

Kids always have the urge to learn something new, so it becomes much simplified when kids learn the typing art at such young ages than when they do the same later in life. The education sector all over the world is transforming or already transformed to incorporate computers in classrooms. Teaching your child how to type at an early stage is a well calculated aggressive move towards learning the new form of putting words on the screen.

c) A Chance to Engage with Online Community

This is the most excellent aspect, and you will see why. The kid has an opportunity to engage with the online community constructively. Kids will grow to teenagers so, instead of traversing through social media accounts to comment on non-issues, a kid could opt to compare their score with others in the games. The result is a promotion of constructive competition.

d) Development of Skills

Keyboard typing games bring up a variety of skills that develop and gain a significant margin within your child’s capability. According to scientific studies, teaching young ones how to type during early stages means enhancing their hand and eye coordination much better than the comrades who did not have any training venture. The motor reflex skills developed put your kid at a good chance of participating other constructive activities like sports.

5 Free & Fun Typing Games for Kids

The following 5 typing games are some of the options that you can look for to keep your kid engaged and learning the keyboard which is the main aim.

a) Learn Keyboarding

Kids learn how to use a computer keyboard in an interactive manner which means it is a unique lesson. The game is divided into three sub-lessons where kids learn how to type symbols, numbers, and alphabets. After the experience, the kid will be engaged in an exercise which utilizes the keyboard to click on the falling letters, symbols, and numbers before the time ends.

b) Bull Spell

A kid gets to learn new words through keyboard typing. The uniqueness of the game is in the eight different grades that the child can choose from depending on their age. Playing the game helps in learning more than 7500 words.

c) Typeroids Top Row Mission

It is a fun typing game that is based on shooting. The aim is to use top row skill to finish the game. During the play, strange aliens invade the earth and saving it needs typing of letters fast before they destroy your ship. There is only one mission, kill the aliens by typing quickly before they destroy the ship.

d) Glider Cats Words

Here is a fun typing game that children can use to learn creation of different kinds of new words, using letters. The kid involved can form three to ten letter words. Kids can choose various letters options per their mastered keyboard skills.

e) Keytris

It involves some descending boxes, and each is assigned a specific letter. Kids need to press the correct keys when forming a row. Upon succeeding, the till disappears as the event opens to moving to the next box. It helps children to increase their concentration levels.

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Start Your Kids’ Typing Game

It is a good idea for kids for to learn how to type during elementary whether they use traditional typing methods or go online. However, it is important to note that typing skills should not replace handwriting skills. Children in the current world have to go both ways – learn to type and write with writing being the prior mastered skill.

Even with the current increase in demand for typing skills, we cannot ignore the fact writing skill is also needed but it now has to be integrated with typing for the kid to remain relevant.