Baby Shower Favors that Won’t Break the Bank

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  1. Food Favor Fun
  2. Non-Edible Delights

Hosting an awesome baby shower for someone you love can be stressful, but it is always fun and always rewarding when you see the happy faces of the guest of honor and the shower guests. However, throwing a shower can be rather expensive and you might be working on a tight budget.

Never fear! This article is here to help you tackle one of the more expensive parts of the shower: the favors. Presented below are varieties of baby shower favor ideas that not only will impress your guests, but also will not break the bank!

Food Favor Fun

Food favors are probably the most common type of favor and for a reason! Not only are they relatively cheap, but they also make a big impact and are easier to assemble than others. They are cute ways to honor your guests for coming to your shower and gives them a delicious snack in the process. There are several different ways to present these favors.

Jar Gifts:

Food gifts in a jar are the easiest way to make a gift of food and are low cost. All you need to do are buy small glass jelly jars that you can get from most supermarkets and fill them with the treat of your choice.

This can be as simple as adding Hershey kisses, or some popcorn kernels with a sweet message such as “thank you for dropping by!” Add some thin ribbon around the top and maybe a label for the event, and you are all set!

Take and Bake:

Another popular choice is the take and bakes. These include brownie mix in a jar, cookie mix in a jar, and other desserts. You fill the jar with layers of different ingredients needed to make a batch of brownies or other sweets and attach a cute card with the directions. These are simple but impactful and do not cost much to make. They also help your guests share the happiness they felt at the shower.

Candy Stations:

If you want to provide your guests with a variety of options and allow them to choose their own favors, you might want to consider the classic Candy Station. This option allows you to display a bunch of different sweets, many of which you can buy in bulk for cheap, and then your guests can fill up a small container with whatever they would like. The key to keeping this option affordable is of course the bulk candy, and ordering bulk containers, such as take out boxes.

Wrapped Individual Treats:

These homemade treats are well loved by guests. They include an individual little treat wrapped in cellophane with ribbon. They can be a “Sending S’more Love” kit with all the fixings to make a s’more, or a bag of popcorn celebrating that someone is about “to pop!” You can also include well-decorated chocolate dipped pretzels or even make a small bouquet of lollipop flowers out of dumdums.

Non-Edible Delights

If you aren’t sure what kind of food gifts to make for your guests, don’t worry! There are plenty of non-edible gifts you can make as well. These options are sometimes a little more expensive than the food treats, but they are still affordable, and can be adjusted according to budget.


Candles are a tried and true favor for guests. If you can’t afford the bigger and more expensive candles, feel free to buy smaller ones. You can easily decorate the candle by dipping the glass holder into glue and glitter, or adding a variety of cute ribbons. You can also simply wrap a smaller candle in tissue paper with a ribbon and attach a little card with the date and event to remind guests of what the candle was for.

Beauty Products:

Lip balms, lotions, or creams are a great option for cheap baby shower favors. You can often find the directions to make your own sugar scrubs or lotions for your guests. You can also give them each a small container of lip balm and add a cute note such as “Having you here was the BALM!” There are fantastic “pamper yourself” items.

If you are crafty enough to make your own sugar scrub, you can also make your own handmade soaps, which most people adore. Adding a little rubber duck on top of the bar of soap and a fun note such as “From my shower to yours” is sure to impress your guests.

Plants or seeds:

Your guests are helping you and the mom-to-be celebrate the new life coming into the world, so why not return the favor and give your guests something to help grow? Plants can be an expensive favor, so we would recommend small individual plants as favors.

The latest trend is to gift individual succulent plants in small pots. These are not very expensive and look lovely. You could also gift your guests with a package of seeds wrapped in tissue and ribbon as well, especially if you are having a garden party themed shower.

Customizable Options:

Another cheap baby shower favor can be things that are customizable but affordable. There are many places on the internet that sell items such as can cozies that you can design to fit your theme. They often only cost a dollar or so for each cozy, which puts them on par with the other options on this list.

Manicure or Shower Kits:

These favors are very similar to the above-mentioned beauty products, but they are so simple to assemble that we have included them in their own category. If you are hoping to make a sweet and simple manicure kit, simply pair a bottle of nail polish with an emery board and maybe a toe separator.

These can be wrapped with a cute piece of ribbon. For a shower kit, you can attach a loofah to a bottle of body soap, or maybe include a small shower caddy with soap, loofah, and maybe a rubber duck.

Baby showers can be expensive events to host and while you would like to go out and spend the world for your loved one, you don’t have to! Hopefully these ideas for budget friendly and cheap baby shower favors will spark your imagination and you will be crafting perfect favors in no time!