Umbrella Strollers: Why You Need One! (2023)

You may be under the misconception that all strollers are the same, or maybe you think that all strollers have the same purpose. Which, in retrospect they kind of do, they all push a child, so you don’t have to carry them everywhere you go. But there are many different types, sizes, shapes, and abilities of a stroller.

Umbrella Strollers

1. What is an umbrella stroller?

Don’t be confused by the name, thinking that these types of strollers come with umbrellas, or feature an umbrella aspect that will shield the child from the sun or rain. An umbrella stroller, is a folding stroller that has handles that feature an upside-down J shaped handles, like you would find on an umbrella.

Also, just like an umbrella, these types of strollers fold up and compact, so transporting them is easy.

2. How to fold an umbrella stroller?

Sometimes folding a stroller can seem a little confusing. But when it comes to folding an umbrella stroller it can be completed in just a couple of movements.

  • First you must unlock the stroller, this will allow it to fold up more easily. The red lever that you will need to flip is typically found on the frame between the back wheels. You will see the stroller begin to collapse a little.
  • After you have released the tension you should push the handles forward. This will allow the stroller to completely collapse within its self.
  • Squeeze all the legs and handles of the stroller together and lock it into a folding position. Depending on the stroller the latch could be a plastic lever, or something as simple as a strap.

3. Where to Buy Umbrella Strollers

There certainly is a lot of different places that sell strollers. Whether you buy them online at or if you are an avid Target shopper and feel the need to buy everything there; you can find umbrella strollers at most stores. But where is the best place to buy umbrella strollers?

While sometimes it seems the best deals for anything is online, sometimes that is not the best place to buy things. It may be best to buy a stroller in-store, this is because if your child is old enough to voice their opinion, they can tell you what they find comfortable.

Since they will be the person riding in it the majority of the time. If they aren’t old enough to voice their opinions, viewing a stroller in-store may have their benefits because you can make sure that the support the stroller’s claim to have are up to your own standards.

Some people will suggest going to Toys R Us or Babies R Us, because they have the most variety of brands. Other people may suggest Walmart because they will have the cheapest prices.

When buying an umbrella stroller, it is safe to say to purchase it at any store, as long as it is in-store and available for you to view and inspect yourself. Seeing your product in person will give you a sense of ease, knowing your child will be in what you think is the best stroller for them.

6 Umbrella Stroller Accessories

While umbrella strollers can be incredibly convenient and make a great portable stroller because they fit into basically anywhere, it might be a misbelief that they do not have some of the features that larger strollers have. But, in fact, there are many different types of accessories that you can get to attach onto an umbrella stroller.  Just to name a few of the accessories you can buy for an umbrella stroller;

  • Sun canopy
  • Cup holder
  • Parent organizer
  • Mesh pockets

When looking to buy a stroller, you need to decide who the stroller is going to be for. Different brands make a variety of strollers to guarantee that the stroller you are using will be best for the child(ren) you are using the stroller for, or for the place that you intend on using the stroller at.

If you are looking for the best stroller with a certain feature, we have got you covered. These strollers are the best of their kind, with specific features that make them unique and even more functional than they are already built for.

1. Canopy

A canopy on a stroller is a large and typically adjustable sunshade that can shade your child away from the harmful UV rays. Some canopies have peek-a-boo holes so the child can see you through the top, or on the sides so they can see what they are passing.

Canopies are typically adjustable and can move to where they are in the open position, half way open and closed, and the completely closed position. Another feature about the sunshades of an umbrella stroller is that some of them are extended, so it provides extra coverage for the child.

The best umbrella stroller with a canopy would be the Marclaren Mark II. This umbrella stroller weighs only 7.4 pounds, which makes it incredibly lightweight and easy to move around and carry.

The canopy that this stroller features is much larger than the average sunshade and features a peekaboo window for children to see what is above and around them, even when the canopy is in use. Another great feature of this stroller is that with four wheels it works great in all different types of terrain.

2. Reclining Seat

If your child is not yet past the napping stage, it is a good idea to consider getting a stroller that reclines. Different strollers have a variety of reclining options. Some only recline partially, and others can go to the full lay down position.

The best umbrella stroller that reclines is the Maclaren Triumph. Maclaren is the inventors of the umbrella stroller so it is no surprise that they would have a best umbrella stroller for anything.

But the Triumph umbrella stroller features a continuous reclining seat that almost allows the seat to lay flat. And even with that reclining seat, this umbrella stroller features a mesh parent pocket for the parent to keep loose items in.

3. Tray

It may seem like such a small accessory to be incorporated with an umbrella stroller, but to find a tray that comes attached to the stroller will be your best friend, especially when you have a toddler. Whether it is that they are playing with a small toy, eating snacks, or just need a place to put their bottle/sippy cup, an umbrella stroller with a tray is one of the best types of strollers to buy for your child of any age.

There are many different umbrella strollers on that market that have trays with them. But all of these trays have different sized slots or holes to put various objects into. The best umbrella stroller with a tray would be the JJ Cole Monroe Stroller.

The tray that is featured in this stroller is very large, compared to baby items. Plus, this tray can be removed easily, so if your child makes a mess on it you can just take it off and clean it. Another nice aspect of this stroller is that you can start using it as easy as 6 months and up till the child reaches around 50 pounds.

4. Basket

If you have a child that is in a stroller, more than likely they are still in diapers. With that means that where ever you go you have to lug around a diaper bag. Plus formula or bottles, snacks, pacifies, toys, and all of your own stuff.

It may be difficult to carry all of these items while you are also trying to push a stroller around. Which is why it is important to buy a stroller that also features a basket or as some people call them, parent pockets.

When it comes to finding an umbrella stroller with a basket you need to think about how much room you will need for all those bags and items. When looking for the best umbrella stroller that comes with a basket you should look into the Chicco Liteway.

Already a lightweight stroller, the basket that is featured in this is removable and turns into a bag. Nothing is more convenient than being able to take all of your items with you if you ever have to leave your stroller behind. For example, in Disney World.

5. Adjustable Handles

Most likely, you and your partner are not the same height. With that being said, it would be difficult for someone who is short push a stroller set for a taller person.

Just like it would be strenuous on a person who is tall to push a stroller with the handles set for someone who is short. This reason alone is why it is incredibly important to make sure that you find a stroller that has adjustable handles.

It is not common to find an umbrella stroller that has adjustable handles, but the best one on the market would be the Quinny Yezz. Weighing only 11 pounds, this stroller has an ergonomically designed handle that is adjustable to accommodate people of different heights.

Which will make you a happy parent after pushing around a stroller all day long. It can accommodate a child from 6 months to 40 pounds.

6. Shoulder Straps

Since umbrella strollers are meant to be compactable and easy to carry with you when you go to parks, fairs, festivals, etcetera it is important to think about how you will carry the stroller. Some people might think that carrying the stroller by the handles or poles would be easy enough.

But if you are also carrying diaper bags, purses, waters, tickets, or holding your child’s hand, it might be a little hard to balance all those things, and a stroller.

To fix this problem, companies have made umbrella strollers with shoulder straps, so you don’t have to juggle all of the baby items in your hands. You will want to make sure you find a stroller that has durable shoulder straps, which can take a little bit of a beating.

An added bonus would be if the strap had a little padding for extra comfort. The best umbrella stroller on the market right now that features shoulder straps is the Inglesina Net. Weighing only 11 pounds, this lightweight umbrella stroller is incredibly easy to transport, for all of your stroller needs.

Car Seat Compatible

If you have a newborn, but want to make an investment that will last longer than their infant years, you should find an umbrella stroller that is compatible with car seats. If an umbrella stroller is compatible with a car seat, it will make your umbrella stroller even more versatile and a better investment.

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What strollers are compatible with the Britax B Safe?

The Britax B- Ready umbrella stroller is a lightweight stroller that is compatible with the Britax B Safe car seat. Weighing only 14 pounds, this lightweight umbrella stroller is perfect to carry and transport.

There are multiple reclining positions so your child can be most comfortable when they feel like resting, or if they want to be erect so they can see everything they are passing buy. With extra features like a parent cup holder, rain cover, and shoulder carrying strap, this umbrella stroller is the best stroller on the market that is adaptable with the Britax B Safe car seat.

Another bonus with this car seat is that if you purchase it while your child is a newborn, so it can hold your car seat, it can also carry up to 55 pounds, which would be great for a child up to the age of 5.

What strollers are compatible with the Chicco Keyfit30?

There are multiple umbrella strollers that are compatible with the Chicco Key fit 30 Car seat, but the best one on the market is the Cybex Onyx. This stroller has a universal infant car seat adaptor that accepts the Chicco Keyfit car seat easily. With the ability to hold children up to 55 pounds, it is safe to say that this stroller should be able to last through many years, and be well worth your investment.


If you aren’t looking for any special features in your stroller, it may be helpful to choose a stroller based off of your children’s age. When it comes to different age groups, children have to sit in different positions to feel the most comfortable, so companies make strollers that are different for different age groups.

1. Newborns

It is not common to find an umbrella stroller equipped with the proper support for a new born child. Most umbrella strollers are built with as little material as possible to make it easier for the parents to bring the stroller wherever they may go.

With that being said, there are some companies that have made it possible for parents of even newborns to leisurely push their newborn child in an infant umbrella stroller.

Although the Mountain Buggy Mini is a little pricey, it is one of the only umbrella strollers for newborn babies. Engineered with the proper support for a newborn babies’ neck and back muscles, this stroller can be folded up and stored relatively easy.

But keep in mind, with this extra support, this umbrella stroller will run a little heavier than most other compactable strollers.

2. Toddlers

When your child has reached the toddler stage they think they are independent. They want to get out of their chair and walk around like they own the place. So when looking for an umbrella stroller for toddlers you need to keep a couple of things in mind.

Does the stroller have a buckle? Will the stroller keep my child entertained? Will the stroller be versatile incase my child gets tired? What is the best strollers for toddlers?

While there are many questions to answer when looking for an umbrella stroller for a toddler, the best choice would be the Baby Jogger Vue. This umbrella stroller is compatible and very versatile.

You can move the seats around to where it is a stroller where the baby faces you or the baby faces outward. Also, it comes with a harness system seat buckle to ensure that your child will stay put while you are pushing the stroller.

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3. “Big Kids”

As your children grow older you may think that since they are basically professional walkers they will never need a stroller again. If you believe this you are in for a rude awakening.

There is nothing worse than taking your “big kid” to a park, festival, or another crowded place, while it is hot outside and all of a sudden they no longer want to walk. Without a stroller that means that you have to carry them.

But when you go looking for an umbrella stroller for your 5 year old all you really need is a seat on wheels. At the age of five your child does not really need to have all of the accessories that a toddler stroller would need because they can be distracted by talking or simply by what they are seeing.

The best umbrella stroller for a five year old would be the Inglesina Net Stroller. With wheels that are great for any type of terrain, a large sunshade, a mesh basket under the seat, and a cup holder for the parent. This is the best umbrella stroller you could buy for your five year old.

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If you are going to be carrying an umbrella stroller around or transporting it often, the weight can play an important factor in what umbrella stroller you would want to invest in. Most umbrella strollers are lightweight for carrying ease, but with added features and accessories, sometimes they can get a little heavy. But don’t think that means that every lightweight stroller doesn’t have any bonus features.

1. Lightest strollers

There are many lightweight strollers out on the market so it is hard to pinpoint down a single best lightweight stroller. But there are many lightweight strollers that have unique features, that help single them out as the best lightweight umbrella stroller; whether that means it is because of the price or its versatility, these strollers are the best in this category.

2. Lightweight Reversible Stroller

When your child is a new born, it is best to have a stroller where they can see you, so they aren’t scared by the unfamiliar faces of the world. Plus, newborn babies need to be under a lot of supervisor, all of the time. Even if they are buckled into a stroller.

The best lightweight reversible umbrella stroller is the Stokke Scoot Stroller. With a two way facing ability this stroller works great for kids from birth up to 45 pounds. It folds compactly making it easy to transport and carry around.

The adjustable handles and swivel wheels allow this stroller to be one of the best for yourself to push your child around in. The removable material will keep this great reversible umbrella stroller clean, even on your child’s messiest days.

3. Expensive Strollers

If you are looking to spend a little more money on a stroller, to make sure you feel like you are getting what you paid for, go with the UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller. This umbrella stroller has a full sized, 50 SPF canopy sun shade to keep your child from the harsh rays.

Available in three different colors, it is great for children from 6 – 55 pounds. Plus, this stroller includes some great features for the parent, a cup holder on the handle bars, a shoulder strap to transport the stroller, and a mesh basket underneath the seat to store items.

4. Inexpensive stroller

When you have a child it seems like you are always buying something. Whether they are necessities like diapers and wipes, or if you just buy toys all the time because children seem to always need a toy with every store trip, you will be spending a lot of money.

So to cut down on some costs you need to find the least expensive things when possible. Even the least expensive umbrella stroller.

When it comes to these umbrella strollers, you need to keep in mind that you will want a lightweight one. The lighter the umbrella stroller is, the better it will be on your back, and mind. Knowing you will want to transport these everywhere.

When it comes to the best cheap light weight stroller the one to get is the Summer Infant Go Lite Convenience Stroller. This stroller is not only lightweight and inexpensive.

But it also features an adjustable sunshade to help protect your children from the harm UV rays. With anti-shock front wheels this stroller will feel like a smooth ride for any child, making it a pleasant and comfortable stroller to buy for your child. It is the best umbrella stroller to purchase if you are keeping yourself on a budget.


Lastly, a think to consider when it comes to buying an umbrella stroller is the fact that you will want to take it everywhere you go and on every vacation you go on. The last thing you want to do is travel to a hot and tropical destination and have to carry your sweaty child around while you can’t even stay cool.

Or worse, take your kids to Disney World, and carry them all the way back to the hotel because they have fallen asleep after a day of magic.

1. Best Stroller for Disney

The number one place in the world to take your child on vacation is to the wonderful world of Walt Disney world. Full of magical characters, princes, and many rides; this amusement park can take a lot out of your kids and you.

When you are planning on taking your trip to the magical kingdom you need to consider what would be the best stroller for navigating through the most tourist attraction with hundreds of thousands of people on any given day.

The best stroller to take to Disney World would be the Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller. With a narrow build this stroller is easy to navigate through the huge crowds that you will run into. It has a Quick Fold technology that allows the stroller to fold up with one swift movement.

It also features a much needed mesh bag under the seat of the child to hold any diapers, snacks, water, sunscreen, or anything else you might need to lug around Disney World. Equipped to hold a child up to 50 pounds, it is great for even bigger kids.

Although it does not come with a parent cup holder, which may be a needed necessity for Disney World, you can buy the attachment for relatively inexpensive price.

2. Best Stroller for the Beach

Finding a stroller for the beach can be a little difficult, since sometimes tires can tend to spin out on sand. The nice thing about investing in a beach stroller instead of any other types of strollers, is that beach strollers can handle most terrain, including sand!

The best type of stroller to get to take to a day at the beach would be the UPPAbaby 2015 G-Luxe Stroller. This stroller has ample amount of basket space for beach towels, sunscreen, water, and beach toys.

Plus the parent cup holder can hold your ice beverage to keep you cool on a hot beach day. The sun shade is SPF 50 protecting your child from the sun, especially if you are spending a day on the beach.

3. Best Travel Stroller

To decide what stroller would be the best stroller for traveling there are a couple of things you would need to figure out. Are you traveling on a plane or in a car? Are you going to a city, a beach, the mountains, or an amusement park? There are many questions you would need to answer to find the best travel stroller.

But if you just want a generic traveling stroller that would be good on many different types of trips you should invest in the Maclaren Volo Stroller. This stroller has a quick and easy umbrella fold, it is incredibly light weight and compact.

It is great for any type of travel because you can fit it onto many different types of transportation with ease. It can carry a child up to 55 pounds so it is great for children up to 5 years old, which makes it nice to invest in because you know it will last a lot of years.

4. Best Compact Stroller

If you are flying and you don’t already know, most airlines will allow you to check your stroller, when you reach the gate to board your plane, without a fee. This is important because you don’t want to have to carry your child through an airport and all of the toys and diapers you brought to keep them entertained and clean.

Even though you don’t have to worry about the storage of your stroller while you are flying, it is important to try and find the most compact umbrella stroller available.

With that being said, the Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller is the best option. It is only 22 inches wide and 13 pounds, one of the lightest umbrella strollers on the market. It easily folds down into an incredibly small parcel.

With a weight limit up to 44 pounds, this stroller can be used for most children up to the age of 4, which means it can las you through almost the entirety of your child’s “stroller life.”

Best Stroller 2023

Strollers are constantly upgrading for the next year. Babies are our future, so it is important that they have the best of the best. The new strollers for 2023 look very stylish and are created to be versatile.

Adults are always on a hurry to get everywhere, so stroller companies have made these sleek and even easier to fold down quickly. With multiple new features, the new lines of 2023 brands are even more desirable.

Although this stroller is not set to be released until spring of 2023, the Baby Jogger City Select LUX 2023 has many great features that make it a top pick for the New Year. With handbrakes and a small fold, this stroller provides a lot of room for packages, support for your child, and easy maneuverability.