Do Pregnancy Tests Expire?

Most women universally prefer home pregnancy test. Nonetheless, while most ladies are fully aware how to accurately take the test at home, about 80% home pregnancy tests are inaccurate giving unconvincing  results. Different varieties of test methods differ  and users should be well informed about setbacks that comes with the pregnancy testing method such as expired pregnancy test. With many pregnancy kits available in the market, choosing the right one need keen examination.

Do pregnancy kits Expire?

It’s very disappointing using a home pregnancy test not sure if the test is accurate having tried to get pregnant for quite a long time. Unfortunately, it does not happen, thinking the kid is invalid or broken. Many women don’t put into consideration of the kit expiry date much like any sold product out in the market that has a designated time frame

How long  do pregnancy kits last before expiry date?

With many  kits available in the market the answer to the question varies a lot. All pregnancy test kits last approximately 2-3 years once manufactured.Less expensive pregnancy kits have a short shelf life after being manufactured, compared with expensive test kits which last longer. It’s more advisable to buy a pregnancy test which is a few months old from the manufacturing date.Expensive tests have also confirmed giving contradicting results as well.

Why does this pregnancy kit expire?

The chemical used to test Hcg level in the urine becomes ineffective, making the pregnancy test void. Once the chemical becomes effective chances of correct results are minimal to none. To simplify this, the kits are dated the month and year to expire, if the kit is to expire on may don’t  try using the product coming June hoping to save some money No! Mothers should value the value of the baby first

Do expired kits really works?

Many women argue that the pregnancy can still work a few months after expiry which is absolutely true, but with negative implication of unconvincing results. The kit may be dated to expire on May but some still use it in June saying how can a kit differentiate between days which is absolutely stunning,

The main reason for the importance of manufacturer expiry information is to avoid disappointment to its customers, the test kit remains in sales store for more than a year, making the chemical that tests the Hcg in the urine ineffective after a long time, this ingredient becomes weak in strength compared from the first day it was placed in the stores. Furthermore, no 100% accurate tests few hours after expiry, it’s best to dispose this product to avoid disappointment and risk.

How to choose the right pregnancy kit at all time?

The first thing to check in the pregnancy test is of course the expirly date,before you purchase its wise to leave the market place well convinced that the kit is fit.Although some test kit information contradict;the expiry date an the box differ on the dates on the kit itself,its recommended to purchase the kit with the closest date alike.Women should avoid totally expired kits to live healthy without dissapointments