Drano Gender Prediction Test

After a woman has accurately tested positive for being pregnant, the next big question is “what’s the gender?” There is a lot of work to do from buying clothes and decorating the baby’s room to telling everyone whether it is a boy or girl.

The Drano Gender Test is a test that many women state is highly accurate, but is this the truth?

We’re going to take a good look at the Drano test and see if it really works, or if it’s simply a myth.

What is a Drano

Drano is typically a strain cleaner item created by Utes. C. Johnson & Boy. Depending upon the Countrywide Organizations of Health’s Household Products Repository, your exceptionally kind comprises of salt hydroxide, salt nitrate, ocean salt chloride and aluminium.

How the Test Works

Your favorite product to remove drain clogs, Drano is used in the test; yes the same chemical-ridden product under your bathroom sink. The chemicals that make up Drano are the key to gender prediction.

This is what you’ll want to do to perform the test yourself:

  • Fill a cup with Drano.
  • Urinate directly into the cup or another cup with no liquid.
  • Mix your urine in with the Drano.

That is all you have to do. Now, you’re supposed to wait to see if the color of the Drano turns brown or blue. If the color is blue, this means that you’re having a girl, and if it is brown, it means you’re having a boy.

The issue is that there is no set of instructions or time to wait to see if the color changes.

For the most part, you’re left waiting and hoping that the mixture changes colors. Who came up with the test? No one is really sure. It seems odd that anyone would think to mix their urine with a drain cleaner, but a lot of women have tried the tests themselves.

Does the Test Work?

Research has shown that the test does not work despite claims found online. The issue is that the chemicals found in a woman’s urine have not shown with any consistency to be able to change the color of Drano to determine the gender of a child.

All of the research points to this method being completely inaccurate.

There are also varying claims that if the chemicals bubble up in the mixture, a woman is having a girl. The colors that are listed with most of the tests are completely contradicting. Some of the online instructions say that red indicates a girl and green indicates a boy. Others say green indicates a girl – it’s very confusing.

The truth is that if the solution does change to green or yellow, which makes sense because of the color of urine, the only accurate prediction is that the woman’s kidneys are functioning. Since these two colors will be seen in the mixture anyway, it’s safe to say that there is naturally a 50/50 chance that the test is right – just as much as guess whether “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl.”

The Drano Gender Test is Dangerous

Researchers that conduct tests with Drano are often wearing rubber gloves and face masks. Some tests are conducted under ventilation hoods to be able to suck out the fumes that are present with Drano.

Women that are pregnant will not want to be that close to Drano.

By no means should a woman ever urinate directly into a Drano mixture. The high level of toxic fumes can cause harm to the baby. While rare, this can be a major medical mishap, and one that needs to be taken very seriously by any expecting mother.

Thankfully, there are much safer ways to determine the gender of a baby than with a drain cleaner.

Other Gender Predictor Options

There are legitimate gender predictors that are much safer than Drano. Many over-the-counter tests are available that will try to determine the gender of your child.

A few of these tests are:

  • IntelliGender
  • SneakPeek

Both of these tests do not have a 100% accuracy, but they are fairly accurate. SneakPeek states that their test uses DNA to determine the baby’s gender, but the test is expensive at $100.

There are also other “old school” predictions passed down from generation to generation, such as the cravings a woman has to the way the woman is gaining weight during pregnancy. All of these are just as accurate or inaccurate as the Drano test and don’t include any level of harmful chemicals that can potentially harm you or your baby.

Doctors can predict the gender of a child. Using ultrasound technology, a doctor can predict the gender of a baby with an 88% accuracy rate after 20 weeks of pregnancy (5 months). However, there is still a 12% margin of error which, will leave many expecting mothers surprised when their little girl is actually a little boy.

The most accurate form of gender prediction is through DNA testing, which is 100% accurate. There is also the “Jack and Jill” blood test that is performed on maternal blood after 13 weeks of pregnancy with a 99% accuracy rate.