Loot Bags For Child 1st Birthday Party – 6 Cute Ideas

Every child deserves a birthday party worth remembering. While the presence of clowns, loot bags and fairies are a surety and the temptation of the delicious cakes is hard to resist, what could make the children have more fun on their friend’s birthday? First of all, age decides the kind of party. Teenagers have their own ways to celebrate in their own cool-fashioned style. Parents don’t actually have anything to say because they never listen anyway.

However, if you have a child who is just going to celebrate their 1st birthday, you have got a lot of work to do. Most guests would probably be either your friends who have kids of the same age group, and the neighbors, of course. It is not hard work to deal with the adults. But what exactly would you provide for the kids as a return thank-you gift?

Gift bags have mostly been the tradition for the past few decades. Now, people have begun to come up with new creative ideas. Be the one who proves to be a good host both for the kids and the parents. Below are few ideas of loot bags that could brighten the face of every child attending your child’s birthday party!

1. Marvel Heroes Are Today’s Favorite among Children

Choose loot bags that have different images of superheroes on television. Let the children pick their own favorite heroes. Be it captain America or Superman or Batman, kids are thrilled by anything related to their favorite cartoon character or their superheroes. Keep candy and sweets inside the bags to add more surprises and have them take home a bit of the party.

2. Arrange Surprise Loot Bags

Surprise loot bags are also a wonderful idea for return gift to kids. Pack inside wonderful gifts and only let them it only when they reach home. You can put similar things inside all bags or have something special relevant to every single kid present. In case you think you’d be confused which bag was made especially for whom, then have their names inscribed artistically on the front of the bags. That way, the confusion would be solved and it would make the kids feel special at the same time.

3. Girlie Loot Bags

If you are celebrating the birthday of a young girl, you have numerous choices when it comes to loot bags. Sparkling makeup and glittering accessories are the best return gift for small girls. Choose loot bags that are Barbie-themed or make special loot bags yourself with numerous items like hair clips, pins, combs, and bracelets all together with beautiful butterflies stuck to the bag.

4. How about Yummy Candy?

Sweets, cakes, and candy lure kids on birthdays. Pack chocolates and cookies for them in colored loot bags. They can still keep the party going even after they reach home. Let them have a taste of different kinds of goodies all packed in one magic bag.


5. Colors and Crayons Are Kids’ Best Friends

Children tend to disturb their parents when they don’t get along with other kids at a party. A party that is boring with no toys can also make the children unhappy. Help your child bond with other kids by leaving them with colors and crayons. Give them loot bags with wonderful crayons and paper to draw or sketch whatever they like. Beads are also a good plaything for kids. Plain white beads can be a canvas for them to color.

6. Fairy Tales, Huge Castles… What Else?

One of the best return gifts of all has to be books. Gift books that their parents can read to them! And the most appropriate books would be bedtime stories. Grimm’s fairy tales, for instance, have magical forests, enchanted princess, huge castles and brave knights. These stories can be helpful when parents tuck their kids in bed.


Organizing a birthday party is easy, but choosing the right stuff to make your guests happy is tricky. A party is never complete without the guests. And it is a kind gesture on our part to always thank them for something to hand down to them when the party is over. And it would be kinder on your part if you could give their kids something for having made your kids’ birthday a wonderful one. You can show them your generosity, kindness, and gratitude with the above ideas of loot bags. Say goodbye to your guests after the party with a little something wrapped in cute bags. They are just going to leave with a smile on their face and satisfaction in their hearts.