16 Baby Products You Actually Need...And 7 You Don't! Save Your

16 Baby Products You Actually Need

There is nothing more exciting than shopping for your baby! All of those cute little outfits and baby toys. Then you have to plan your baby shower - where you may or may not receive tons of baby stuff you do not actually need. Let this Must Have Baby Product Guide help you learn what you need, and what actually don't have to buy!

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Baby Products You Will Actually Need

1. Convertible Car Seat

Sometimes I get the question "Should I purchase a new car seat or re-use an old one?" The truth is, invest in a good quality convertible car seat. You will use it almost everyday for years, so you will not regret this purchase!

2. Diaper Warmer

When my sister told me that this was a must have products for my baby registry, I thought she was nuts. Like, should I just buy my baby a golden throne too!? But I was so happy I did. When you are a parent to a newborn, you will go to the ends of the earth to avoid hearing your baby cry. Would you like a cold wet wipe on your bottom first thing in the morning?

3. Nipple shields and Dr. Brown Bottles