20 Step Pregnancy Checklist

Step By Step Pregnancy List

Ok, so you’ve learnt your pregnant. Now what? Firstly, congrats! You are in for quiet an adventure! See my article on my own pregnancy story or read on for a simplified list of things to check off while you are pregnant.

Where do I start?

1. Call your doctor and make an apt.

Find out how far along you are (if you keep track of your periods you can state the first day of your last period as the day you conceived). Here is an awesome app for tracking your period and your most fertile days. Of course, you can also buy a digital test to give you a rough idea.

2. Start taking prenatal vitamins.

Start the vitamins if you haven’t already. I like the First Response brand listed on my Baby Store page.

3. Stay hydrated and eat healthy.

When I was pregnant I was only able to tolerate certain foods for certain lengths. For example, all I wanted to eat was croissants and fried mushrooms. I went through a cucumber week also. But do the best you can. You are burning a lot of calories now growing that little human!

4. Share the news!

When you feel comfortable to, share the news! My husband and I heard to wait until month 3 to avoid letting ourselves and anyone else down if god forbid the pregnancy failed. But we couldn’t wait. We chose to visit family members across southern Ontario and make them unwrap little boxes with pacifiers in them!

5. Let your work know.

If you are working, it is important to not only give your employer fair notice but also for yourself. You may need to avoid heavy lifting and need frequent trips to the bathroom!

6. Join free baby sites.

See these the following sites to sign up and receive free samples! Enfamil, Huggies, Gerber, Heinz, Nestlé Carnation, Johnson & Johnson to name a few.

7. Start the baby product collecting!

See my article or shop for a list of must have baby products. Once the news has been shared start accepting hand me downs and do some garage sailing and kijiji browsing. There are a few things you will not want second hand, more on that later.

8. Start your registry.

Head over to the Baby Store and get some discounts and a free gift for completing your baby registry!

9. Prepare!

If you are like me, once you hit the second trimester you start the nesting phase. This is where you start to prepare you home, and life, for baby! Start decorating the nursery and organising the baby cupboard in your kitchen.

10. Ultrasounds.

Make sure you are continuing those doctor appointments I mentioned before. You may chose to go with a midwife instead of an obstetrician, and that is OK! Ultrasounds and check ups will begin to happen more frequently now. If you live in a larger city your family doctor will most likely refer you to an obgyn in your second trimester.

11. Take a look into the paperwork stuff.

Applying for your baby bonus, going on maternity or parental leave, and your financial situation.

12. Visit your hospital.

Take a tour and familiarize yourself with parking, room types, and where your husband can find food! They will have you fill out necessary forms now so you do not have to after your water has broke!

13. Baby Shower.

If you are having a baby shower, start planning it now. Send out your invites and baby registry. Give people plenty of notice to save the date and save up for larger gift items. Here is my list of must have baby shower gifts.

14. Finishing Touches.

Now that you have your new and second hand baby products and your nursery painted, put it all together! Start washing those baby clothes and putting them in the dresser!

15. Pack your hospital bag.

Plan to pack for at least 2 days. I recommend having yourself ready for the baby to come by month 7. My son was 6 weeks premature and I am very thankful that I was more than ready when he came!

16. Give your work the appropriate notice.

Do what you feel comfortable with. It is easy to feel pressured to be that perfect woman that works 9 hour days until her water breaks, but everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. Maybe that perfect woman did not deal with hip pain and daily vomiting! Make sure you check the minimum required hours for Employment Insurance type maternity leave as they differ per area. For me, I left work at month 5 because I could not handle being on my feet for 9 hours. No shame in my game!

17. Make your pregnancy plan.

Some moms chose to write a labor and delivery plan for the hospital. I decided I would wing it and hope for the best. If you do want to have a birth plan, now is the time to get it on paper and keep it in the hospital bag and / or share with your midwife.

18. Make your hospital stay plan.

Do you have other kids at home? Who will look after them while you are at the hospital? Who can let your dog out if you will be away for awhile? If you need to make spare keys for friends or family members, do that now.

19. Pick a name already!

20. Last but not least - sleep!

Nap, have lazy days, watch that Netflix, because you will look back at these days fondly once baby comes!

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Leave a comment if you have more ideas to check off while you are pregnant. Let's grow together!