New Mom To Be Checklist: What You Need To Do During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Checklist

OK, so you’ve found out you are pregnant. Now what? Firstly, congrats! You, mom to be, are in for quiet an adventure! Seriously the most life changing experience you can have.
As a new first time Mom. this Pregnancy Checklist can give you an idea of what you need to accomplish over the next 9 months. Besides getting over the initial shock of that 3rd pregnancy test you peed on, I suggest starting with making your first prenatal doctors appointment!
See my article on Mom Confessions: First Time Pregnancy or read on for a simplified list of things to check off while you are pregnant.
First time pregnancy

Where do I start?

1. Call your doctor and make an appointment

Find out how far along you are (if you keep track of your periods you can state the first day of your last period as the day you conceived). Here is an awesome app for tracking your period and your most fertile days. Calculating your due date is pretty simple: Just add 280 days to the first day of your last period.

Of course, you can also buy a digital test to give you a rough idea.

Pregnancy Checklist

2. Start taking prenatal vitamins

In an ideal world, you would already be on prenatal vitamins if you were trying for a baby. But, sometimes this wonderful surprise can sneak up on you! So start your vitamins if you haven’t already. I like the First Response brand listed on my Baby Store page. They are chew-able, so when morning sickness kicks in and you do not want to swallow anything that could make you gag, the chewies come in handy!

3. Stay hydrated and eat healthy

When I was pregnant I was only able to tolerate certain foods for certain lengths. For example, all I wanted to eat was croissants and fried mushrooms. I went through a cucumber week also. But do the best you can. You are burning a lot of calories now growing that little human!

I bet when you thought about getting pregnant initially, you figured you would eat fresh fish for brain development, meat for extra iron, etc. But when you are actually pregnant, it's a whole different story...check out The Most Annoying Pregnancy Symptoms.

4. Share the news

Share when you feel comfortable. My husband and I heard to wait until month 3 to avoid letting ourselves and anyone else down if god forbid the pregnancy failed. But we couldn’t wait. If telling people that you are pregnant is what you want to do, then go ahead and tell them. I sure did not want to start my pregnancy off thinking anything horrible would happen to this baby!

Pregnancy Announcement