8 Useful and Unique Baby & Toddler DIY Projects

Frugal Baby and Toddler Do It Yourself Projects

When it comes to parenting on a budget, you are forced to get creative with toys, educational supplies and organizing. Below is a list of 8 DIY's that I have put together to give you some creative and frugal ideas for your baby or toddler!

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toddler DIY

1. Baby's First Words

This binder is my favourite! I took a day during nap time and put together this binder, all supplies coming from the dollar store. I chose items mostly from clip art that I wanted my son to learn and covered each page with a page protector. Once he hit his first year we went through this binder everyday. Included in it is action words, numbers (see photo below) familiar photos of family and friends as well as colours, shapes, animals and objects. Because of this binder, my son was able to memorize his numbers, letters, colours and count to 10 much earlier than his peers at playgroup!

Baby's first words

2. Toddler Car Garage

Second on my list is my sons car garage. I needed a cheap and simple way to organize his larger cars and also tempt him to want to 'park' his cars and put them away at clean up time. I bought a shoe organizer at the dollar store and we practiced parking his cars in the garage before bed.

toddler DIY

3. Chalk Table

A chalk table is a must have DIY. The chalk easels at Walmart can run around $70 here in Canada! This table and chair set I purchased at a garage sale for $5. It used to have a pink princess design on it until I spray painted it with some leftover spray paint from my sons dresser. Then I purchased chalk paint at my local hardware store and threw on a few coats. There you have it - a $10 chalk table that my son loves!

DIY Chalk Table

4. Locks and Latch Board

I love Melissa and Doug toys - don't get me wrong! But they aren't exactly wallet friendly...one day I was poking around my husbands man cave while looking for the forever elusive scotch tape, and found a bunch of old hardware pieces, a clip flashlight and some old keys. Feeling creative that day. I went out to grab a wood plaque from the dollar store and make my own latch and lock board! It was easier than I thought!

baby diy

5. Baby Velcro Board

Another favourite for hand / eye coordination is this Velcro Board. I had an old fridge calender from the dollar store laying around, so I covered it with some fun construction paper and purchased velcro strips from the dollar store. Along with some felt material and some paint friendly double sided tape, I stuck this sucker right to the wall! And hey, I never claimed to be an artist, OK, but maybe this blog will get those creative juices flowing!

baby diy velcro board

6. Snack Station

Love love love garage sales. Goodwill and second hand stores also have great items to spark your DIY passion, and this project was one of them for me. I wanted somewhere my son could snack in front of the television. Yes, I know, to all the television haters out there...a girl's gotta shower! I found what was a doll display chair and an old rickety stool and spruced them up to make a little chair and table for my son! The bonus is the table is also a stool that he uses to get in and out of his highchair by himself!

toddler diy snack

7. Toddler Daily Routine

Once my little dude started to grow into a bigger dude, with his own way of doing things, I knew I needed a strategy to implement a daily routine. I have always had a daily routine for him, but once he started wanting to decide when and how to do things by himself, I wanted to involve him in the process. Again I turned to clip art, my trusty laser printer and some dollar store laminate paper and magnets.

Together we printed out the photos and colored them in, making him feel like he had a say his daily tasks. We practiced the photos and what they meant, and practiced putting the magnets on the fridge in order and taking them off once completed!

Toddler daily routine

8. DIY Nursery Decor

Like I said earlier, I am not an artist...but decorating a nursery is not about the end result, it's about the journey! When I was pregnant and at home all day during my last trimester, I found such joy out of making things for my soon to be baby. Now when I walk into his room I feel like it is full of things I made for him, out of pure love. Grab some canvases from your dollar store, some paint and brushes and google around to find cute and simple designs you can totally do yourself!

baby nursery decor DIY

There you have it, some fun DIYs to do during nap time! If you have any questions or would like to know more about baby and toddler DIYs please comment or email me!

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