New Mom Ultimate List of Helpful Parent Resources

Parenting Resources You Will Want to Have

I wanted to make a quick post regarding reliable and trustworthy resources for parents or parents-to-be . Below are the sites I found helpful during pregnancy and as a new mom. I was very weary when Dr. Googling (which was an addiction of mine) because I did not want a random person's opinion. I wanted FACTS!

Have a peak at these parent resources by clicking the site title, and hopefully they will help you find some useful info, and as always, comment or email me if you have a question!

List of Mom Resources

Baby Center

They offer good advice with most of their articles coming from experts. Baby Center has other sites as well, such as and

You can download their app and track everything from pregnancy to baby milestones. If you are looking for some solid expert advice, I would search this site or join a relevant forum here.

What to Expect :Book Series

I am a firm believer in taking mom advice with a grain of salt. Because each pregnancy and child is so vastly different, do the appropriate research but know that just because it is written in a book, it may not stand true for you.

I do recommend picking up some "What to Expect" books from your library or bookstore because they may (or may not) settle your mind from all of the racing questions a new mom may have.

Mothers Risk

This website is here to help you with planning a pregnancy and what medication may or may not be considered a risk while pregnant. I was introduced to this resource by my amazing Nurse Practitioner, Tina, because I was on medication when we decided to try for a second baby.

By contacting Mothers Risk, Tina could tell me that although I was on medication, I still had the green light to try for baby #2 based of of Mothers Risk's findings. They informed her that the medication and dose I was on had been highly studied and carried a low risk factor.

Your Doctor, Midwife or Nurse Practitioner

Sometimes finding a doctor that you trust fully with your pregnancy can be pretty tricky. Therefore, it is always helpful to know that you have options. If you have a family doctor that you trust, consider yourself lucky and away you go.

Parent Resources

I did not know my doctor that well when I got pregnant. One appointment I had was moved to my doctors nurse practitioner, whom I clicked with right away. She was a mom to 6 kids (eek!) and spoke to me on a mom to mom level. Most importantly, she never made me feel rushed during appoi