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New Mom To Be: The Most Annoying But Common Pregnancy Symptoms

Strange But Common Pregnancy Symptoms

Oh I love me some weird pregnancy symptoms! My favorite question to ask when someone is pregnant is if they had any strange symptoms. I find it fascinating how each pregnancy is so different! Our bodies are amazing, and how they each react differently to the unpredictable journey of pregnancy is equally amazing.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

7 Pregnancy Symptoms That Are Common But Cool

1. Not Looking Pregnant

Women of all different shapes and sizes can turn out, well, all different shapes and sizes! Sometimes though, you may not show as early as you expected to. That adorable little baby bump may be in hiding while you wait anxiously for people to start opening doors for you and offering to carry your groceries.

As a first time mom, I carried very small. I showed up at a wedding, already limping from the pregnancy hip pain and feeling like a beached whale just to find out that no one could tell I was even pregnant! Maybe I just looked drunk?

The average baby bump shows between 12 - 16 weeks, but if you carry small, you may not show until you are 5 months pregnant! The good news is, once you find out you are pregnant just feel free to let all of those stomach muscles lose - now is the time to be bloated and proud!

2. Weird Food Aversions

Yuck! Can you smell that? Many pregnant women have some kind of food aversion. They may smell uncooked steak or ground beef and feel completely turned off.

This is caused by the super sense of smell that comes along with being a pregnant superwoman. Some studies claim that pregnant women can smell spoiled food from quite a distance before anyone else can!

To battle this sometimes annoying pregnancy symptom, drink mint herbal tea to settle your stomach or apply some diluted essential oils to the outer rim of your nose.

Pregnancy Symptoms