Checklist for Newborn Baby: Baby Basics You Definitely Need!

16 Baby Products You Actually Need

There is nothing more exciting than shopping for your baby! All of those cute little outfits and baby toys. Then you have to plan your baby shower - where you may or may not receive tons of baby stuff you do not actually need. Let this Must Have Baby Product Guide help you learn what you need, and what actually don't have to buy!

All of these awesome must have products are in my Baby Store. Take a peak at Top 10 Toys for the First Year.

Baby Products You Will Actually Need

1. Convertible Car Seat

Sometimes I get the question "Should I purchase a new car seat or re-use an old one?" The truth is, invest in a good quality convertible car seat. You will use it almost everyday for years, so you will not regret this purchase!

2. Diaper Warmer

Baby Shower Gifts

When my sister told me that this was a must have products for my baby registry, I thought she was nuts. Like, should I just buy my baby a golden throne too!? But I was so happy I did. When you are a parent to a newborn, you will go to the ends of the earth to avoid hearing your baby cry. Would you like a cold wet wipe on your bottom first thing in the morning?

Best Baby Toys

3. Nipple shields and Dr. Brown Bottles

Best Baby Products

If you plan to breast feed but have nipples on the smaller side, try these nipple shields. They will help baby get a good latch, and save you much frustration in the breastfeeding process. Remember it is a learning curve for both you and baby to breastfeed, so the easier it is to latch in the beginning, the better!

Dr. Brown bottles are a must have for any parent that is going to bottle feed. They dramatically reduced the gas colic symptoms for my son. Some say they take longer to clean, but trust me, it's worth it!

4. Playpen

Baby Shower Gifts

A playpen can be used for so many things. It can be a travel bed while visiting family or at a hotel. It can be used to keep baby safe while you shower. But my favorite use for the playpen was turning it in to a ball pit! My husband had grabbed big bags of plastic balls from the dollar store and dumped them in the playpen with our 8 month old (make sure they can sit up unsupported). Our son had so much fun throwing the balls and moving them around! My fave play pen is in my Baby Store. It is an awesome price and grows with your baby.

5. Baby Carrier

Best baby carrier

Baby wearing is the new thing these days, although people have been doing it forever! The difference is we have come out with these awesome products that make baby wearing a breeze. If you walk your dog, enjoy flea market shopping, or bring baby grocery shopping, you will want a comfortable baby carrier. I have two listed on my Baby Store page, and I love them both equally.

6. Baby Moon Pillow

Baby Products Baby Safety

It is easier for you to take preventative measures concerning your babies well-being, then to treat an issue that happens later. This product was shown to us by my sons physiotherapist. He was born with tortocollis, and struggled with tummy time. Because of this he spent a decent amount of time on the back of his head. Also, young babies must sleep on their backs for safety reasons.

Our son slowly started to develop Flathead and the treatments for this are a Flathead helmet (worn for months or years!) or future self confidence issues. By using the Baby Moon pillow early on, you can prevent Flathead completely. Use in the car seat, the baby swing, and anywhere your baby will be staying put for awhile. Visit the Baby Store to view more details!

7. Swaddles

Best baby Swaddles

That warm and cozy womb is a thing of the past for your newborn. This new, wide open world can be a scary thing for them! To improve baby sleep, use a swaddle. I like these pictured above because they are a thin, soft material so you can use them year-round.

8. Temperature Reader (thermometer) Times x 2

best baby products

You will want to buy two good quality thermometers. The first one you will use should be the digital type with a metal tip. This will be used to measure temperature through the arm pit and the rectum. The most reliable temperature taking spot is that rectum! You can also use this thermometer (after it has been sanitized) to check the temperature of baby's bath water!

The second type is an ear and forehead thermometer. When baby turns in to a toddler, they may be too squirmy wormy to get a reliable temperature with the previous thermometer. The ear and forehead device is perfect when you just want a quick temperature update!

Baby Activities

9. Overnight Diapers

night diapers

Overnight diapers are a must for babies that tend to wake up from a wet diaper. Night time diapers are not available until baby fits in a size 3 (or around 15 lbs.) But once you can start using night diapers, it will reduce those 2 am diaper changes! If you go through my Baby Store, you can subscribe and save money as a prime member!

10. Breastfeeding Pillow: 3 Reasons Why

Best Baby Products

Purchase one of these new. When you are breastfeeding, your milk will leak all over this sucker, and I personally did not want to use a hand-me-down.

The three ways you can use this pillow is:

-position baby comfortably while breastfeeding so that you are not holding up their weight with your arm

- use it to assist baby in sitting up while they are learning how to sit up supported. Prop them right in the middle and there is cushion which ever way they fall

- sit on it after delivery. I received 40 stitches after the delivery of my son, and I sat on my breastfeeding pillow every car ride and I used it to sit on the couch. Think hemmroid pillow with multiple uses!

Parent Resources

11. First Aid Kit

baby safety kit

Baby Nasal Aspirator

When creating your Baby First Aid Kit, I suggest starting out with one that is already mostly made up for you. You will want to include things like baby nail clippers, medicine syringe, baby toothbrush and safety scissors. Another item that I swear by is what I call the "Snot Sucker 2000". It is actually a nasal aspirator, and from 0-3 years I promise you will use it many, many times.

12. Diaper Bag

Best Baby Products Travel Bed

During my pregnancy I figured I could use my current purse as a diaper bag. Like, why buy a whole new bag right!? Wrong. By the time my son was a few months old I had turned in to a pack mule with saddle bags. Do yourself a favor and get a compartmentalized diaper bag. While you're at it, why not get one that doubles as a travel bed / change table! This awesome item can be found in the Baby Store.

13. Baby Monitor

If you are planning on saving some money with a generic or used baby monitor...don't do it! This is another product you will use for years, and you want it to work. Unless you plan to camp out in front of baby's room during nap time, grab a good monitor. I had the freedom to visit the neighbors, sit outside and read, or do laundry in the basement all while baby was sleeping, and this way I knew he was safe.

14. Portable High Chair

baby shower gift

I am in love with Fisher Price Space Saver High chairs. They are good quality and can travel with you anywhere. It weighs next to nothing and the pad is machine washable. Why scratch up your floors wheeling the high chair around when it can fit right under your kitchen table. It also turns in to a booster seat so you will use it for years to come.

15. Baby Swing

Best baby swing

Get one! You will want a swing that is comfortable for baby to fall asleep in. I love this one not only because it reclines like a bassinet, but also because it vibrates. It was a must have for my colicky son! Baby may take a bit to get used to the swing, but most babies love them!

16. White Noise Machine

best white noise machine

If your baby turns out to allergic to sleep like mine was (kidding!), then a white noise machine is a good purchase. You can travel with it and use it in the car. Think Pavlov's Dog. In the experiment Pavlov would give the dog a treat every time it rang the bell. When my baby hears the white noise machine, it is instant eye rubbing and yawning because it signals sleep! Mom Hack: Before I bit the bullet and purchased a real noise machine, I used our radio on a low static channel. It worked well for awhile until wanted to travel and lug around a stereo everywhere.

Visit the Baby Store or keep reading to find out more!

7 Baby Products You Really Don’t Need

1. Play Mat or Activity Mat

I had 3 different play mats for my baby. Two were gifts and one I bought. I found out 2 things:

The first is that when he was small enough to practice tummy time, the mats were too thin and his head would "Bonk" off of the floor. I ended up putting him on foam mats covered with soft blankets anyways.

The second is that they are super ugly and take up space. With blankets and toys, you can easily throw into a bin after use.

2. Tons of Bibs: You Actually Need 2 Types

You need 2 types. Absorbing material bibs for breast or bottle feeding and waterproof bibs when you start spoon feeding that you can easily wash in the sink.

3. Baby Shoes

Trust me, baby can’t walk yet and you want them to be comfortable. They will most likely be in footed sleepers all the time anyways. If it is winter but not cold enough to travel in a baby bunting, grab a warm pair of fuzzy booties or slippers.

4. Bottle Warmer

You have options here without needing to spend money to warm the bottle. One is a bowl, kept by the sink, that you can fill with warm water to set the bottle in. The second is the microwave for a few seconds. New moms are paranoid about the bottle (and rightfully so, this baby is your world) but really, either of these methods will work just fine.

5. Baby Clothes: socks, bath robe, swimsuits

As earlier mentioned, you want baby to be comfortable and snuggly. They will probably be in footed sleepers most of the time. Also, little babies do not like the cold after a bath, so chances are after a towel dry, you will just be dressing them again. If you are taking baby swimming in a pool and need to dress them in something, grab a bag of swim diapers.

6. Cheap Stroller - Get All Terrain

We tried to go frugal here and get a cheaper 4 wheeled stroller. A few days in the Canadian winter and we promptly returned it for the larger 3 wheel all terrain stroller. Save your money and get the right one first.

7. Diaper Genie bag refills

Money saving hack! Sorry diaper the diaper genie itself but watch this video: Watch! We never bought the bag refills again.

If you have any questions about these products, please message me in the comment section! I love when us Moms help each other grow!

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