Colicky Newborn Baby: Worry-Free Guide To Treat Baby Colic

Tips for Baby Colic...And Exhausted Parents

I feel you Momma! Colic sucks. Colicky babies can leave you frustrated, confused and exhausted. Your adorable little bundle of joy has turned in to a crying, screaming bomb that can go off at any minute. The most frustrating part? Leading experts on the matter do not even know what really causes Colic.

The good news? We can still treat the Colic symptoms!

Help Colic Babies Sleep

The Main Treatments for Colic

1. Gas

2. Exploring Allergies

3. Baby Poop

4. Trouble Sleeping

5. Discomfort

Now that we know what the main symptoms are, let us explore deeper in to these treatments. Take a deep breath, I promise colic does not last forever.

In the meantime, learn about these colic symptoms in detail and tips to treat them all.

Baby Colic Treatment

1. Gas

Newborn babies may look perfect in your eyes, but inside they are still developing a normal internal system. Their digestive tract is still growing and learning how to respond.

Babies are very gassy creatures. When they cry, they swallow air. When they feed, they swallow air. When they suck on their pacifier, they swallow air. The problem is the air can get trapped in their belly, and they need some help from you to pass it.

Here is the list to help baby with gas:

  • Breastfeeding: Hold baby as upright as you can in a comfortable position. The easiest position for you and baby would be the cradle hold. You hold their head in the bend of your elbow while your arm supports their back. The key is keeping their head above the rest of their body.


Breastfeeding for colic


Not do for beastfeeding colic

Another breastfeeding tip: If your baby is having trouble getting a good latch, and they start to fuss or cry, try a nipple shield. If you have smaller nipples, a shield will assist baby in getting t