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Baby The First Year: 10 Best Baby Toys That Will Grow With Baby!

10 Best Toys 0-12 month Baby: and 5 Fun Ways to Use Them!

Which toys can you purchase that will grow with baby? Here is a list of the top 10 best toys that not only grow with your child, but have multiple uses! For other great baby gift ideas, check out Baby Basics You Definitely Need!

Let's jump right in to the best toys for baby's first year:

Best Baby Toy Newborn

1. The OBall

Best age: right away!

Why? Easy to grasp, indestructible, BPA free for chewing and fun to chase!

1. Newborn baby will enjoy the built in rattle

2. Practice playing throw and catch

3. Use as a teether as it is BPA free

4. Floats in the bath and is easy to grasp when it starts to float away

5. Practice rolling the ball and knocking down empty toilet paper rolls

The One I Recommend: Any Oball Toy!

Best baby swing

2. Baby Swing

Best age: right away!

Why? A must have for any baby. This swing is soft and cuddly and can be swung in two different directions!

1. It can be soothing for colicky babies

2. The baby swing will give you a chance to free your hands of baby for awhile to have some you time!

3. Babies love the swings that vibrate. It will help clear the gas bubbles in their tiny tummies

4. The swing has a mobile to keep baby entertained while helping with hand eye coordination as baby reaches to touch the objects floating by

5. This doubles as a bassinet when it reclines so you can use it as a travel bed in the early months

The one I recommend: Fisher Price Cradle n’ Swing BUY HERE in the Baby Store.

Plush toys for baby

3. Stuffed Toys

Best age: right away!

Why? Give baby something soft to snuggle with and get attached to.

1. Can help with separation anxiety if the stuffed toy smells like you

2. Use the toy to tell stories! Baby will get a kick out of seeing the toy dance and move around

3. Use it as a role model. Show baby how much fun 'teddy' is having eating his oatmeal, or sitting still for a diaper change, etc.

4. A stuffed toy can help babies feel safe if they are in a strange place, like first sleepover at a family members house

5. Show baby the importance of being gentle and kind by using the stuffed animal to practice "soft touches" with

The ones I recommend: any soft plush toy that is of quality and can be machine washed.

Best Blocks for baby first year