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Baby The First Year: What To Do All Day? Milestone Tips 7 to 12 Months

What to do with baby all day: 7-12 months

Congratulations! You and your baby have made it through the first 6 months of baby’s life and you have done a great job so far! You are both alive and you have yet to visit a mental institution. The days will get busier now, as there are more milestones baby is going to reach.

They grow quickly, so remember to try and enjoy every moment and take each day as it comes.

In the first edition of this series “What to Do With Baby All Day 0-6 Months” we went over the simplicity of a day in the life of a newborn, and major milestones with daily exercises. If you missed this article, I suggest you take a read through it...

Newborn baby activities milestones

This second edition, "What to Do With Baby All Day 7-12 Months", will continue to give you milestones and activities and show you how to fill up baby’s day in a meaningful way!

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***Remember***When it comes to milestones, every baby is different. For those still working on milestones from the 0-6 month list, continue to work away on those while adding in a few new exercises from this list. Each milestone baby reaches plays a part in reaching future milestones, so it’s important to listen to your baby's doctor for development information and assistance.

So what do we do during the awake time?

Here is a list of ideas of what to do with your baby, by age.

7 months

MAJOR MILESTONES: sits without support, pulls objects toward themselves, starts blabbering gibberish and may experience stranger anxiety.

Awake time:

-Leave the house: Because baby can develop stranger anxiety around this time (cling to you for dear life and throw a fit when introduced to strangers), it is important to give your baby lots of stranger exposure. Take them for a walk through Walmart and ask them to say hello or wave to people you walk by. Show them that it is OK to not be scared.

Taking Baby Grocery Shopping

-Talk to your baby: Baby is developing language skills and it is important now more than ever to engage them in conversation. Narrate what you are doing throughout the day and ask them questions. If they babble back to you, act like you understand and be very happy that they shared that important information with you!

-Carry them around: Baby wear while you get stuff done around the house or grocery shop. My favorite comfortable baby carriers are on my shop page! Visit the Baby Store to find the best carrier. Enjoy this while you can, because by 12 months baby’s are usually over being carried around!

-Jumperoo: If baby can now sit unsupported, you can feel comfortable leaving them in the jumperoo to exercise those leg muscles. The best space saver jumperoo is in the Baby Store. Tip: take the jumperoo outside and let baby watch the birds fly by!

Baby Jumperoo

- Give plenty of time to experience playing on their tummy. Baby may or may not start crawling now, so you want to give them lots of opportunities to get on all 4's and rock back and forth, or attempt to move for a toy.

-Milestone exercise: Help baby move towards crawling! An exercise I made up with my son was to put him on one end of our bed (in the center for safety!) and then place 3 very attractive items on the other end of the bed. These items could be a ball of foil, your car keys or their fave toy. Watch baby wiggle and roll trying to reach the object!

8 Months

MAJOR MILESTONES: Many say Mom or Dad or another word you understand, may start crawling, may search for hidden items and will pass an object from one hand to another.

Awake time:

- Outside time: Let baby get outside often and explore their environment. Baby may not be crawling yet, but expect things to still get dirty, and bring a change of clothes. Explore rocks, leaves and flowers. Point to objects passing by to teach your baby to point when naming something. "Look, a car!" Watch your baby does not try to eat any of those mentioned above!