How To Get Toddler Sleeping: Toddler Parenting Tips You Need to Know

Toddler Sleep Hacks You Need to Try

We have all researched baby sleep during baby’s first year, but what about toddler sleep? You thought the days of exhaustion and googling parent resources were over... until you met your now toddler!

Unless you were one of those lucky moms that had a baby who slept through the night and continued to do so now, read these Top Toddler Sleep Hacks!

Toddler Sleep Hacks

If you are still in your child’s first year and need some help with baby sleep, check out 5 Tips for Colic Babies!

Next I will break down what I have found to be the best ways to improve your toddlers sleep with these 5 Tips:

1. White Noise

2. Making a Change

3. Blackout Curtains

4. Best Calm Down Time Strategy

5. Giving Toddler Options

Reminder: Make sure you are using night time diapers for extra comfort, avoiding fluids an hour before bed time, and keep the bedtime process light and breezy, with tons of cuddles and kisses.

1. White Noise

White Noise for Toddler Sleep

Mentioned in the Tips for Colic article, a white noise machine can be a lifesaver. Sometimes kids are born very sensitive sleepers, and there is not much you can do about it...sorry.

Colic baby symptoms

You see all those other toddlers zonked out in their stroller or car seat, yet you have to do a whole song and dance for your toddler to even calm down in their crib.

Here is where the white noise machine comes in. In the experiment titled Pavlov’s Dog, the dogs are conditioned to expect food when Pavlov enters the room. He created an action reaction response so the dogs associated him with food.

With a white noise machine, you are essentially doing the same thing for your toddler. That static white noise not only blocks out other sounds in your house, but it creates a signal for your toddler to sleep.

When we start calm down time with our son (who is allergic to sleep, I swear) he can be bouncing off of the walls, barking like a dog, meowing like a cat, etc. But once we enter his room and the white noise machine turns on, it is instant yawning and eye rubbing. It works!

If you have not introduced white noise to your child yet and they are over 1 years of age, I suggest keeping the