Teaching Toddlers the ABC's The Easy Way! Parenting Toddler Tips

How to Teach Toddler ABC's and 123's: Easy Fun Activities

Teaching your toddler the alphabet and numbers does not have to be stressful! Tips to teach ABCs and 123s included in this article are fun, easy and meant to slowly educate your toddler over time.

All babies and toddlers develop at different speeds. My son became fascinated by numbers, letters, shapes and colors at an early age. Now I won’t take all of the credit, but most of it! I worked with him everyday, and made it just as much a part of our daily routine as brushing his teeth.

On the other hand, I have mom friends whose toddlers are starting school and continue to mix up letters and numbers.

I went to visit one mom friend that was struggling with her son even wanting to learn about these concepts. I noticed that on her wall were varied colors of construction paper with letters written on them. Even I got bored watching her point and sound out the letters. Her toddler agreed with me, and was busy trying to feed the cat a crayon instead of paying attention.

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So forget taping letters to a wall. Forget fancy alphabet banners and colorful construction paper. Nobody cares, especially your toddler.

When to Start Teaching?

I recommend starting at 1 year. Milestones around 12 months include an increase in attention to speech and listening to the words you are saying. Should you expect much comprehension at this age? No. But this is the perfect time to start immersing your now toddlers world with basic alphabets and numbers.

As mentioned above, practice every day. Try using a new technique every day too. Surround your toddler with objects that focus on what you are trying to teach them. For example, if they love their new monster truck toy, why not have them decorate it with alphabet stickers while you sound out the letters for them. If your toddler is playing dress up with her doll, go over to her and start lining up and counting the dolls shoe collection.

The important part here is to learn to integrate what you are trying to teach in to fun every day activities!

Below are a list of fun items to use when trying to teach your toddler their ABCs and 123s!


Between the ages of 12 months to 24 months, your toddler will be feeding themselves at snack time. What a perfect opportunity to make snack time an educational learning experience! My favorite food items to use are:

  • Alphabet Pretzels

  • Kellogg’s Froot Loop Alphabet Gummies

  • Whole wheat alphabet pasta or Kraft Mac and Cheese

  • Cheerios

While they are snacking, say each letter before the letter is eaten, or

ask your toddler what letter the gummy is... Say “Is that a purple letter A?” Bonus points if you can get them to say the letter or color!

Counting Cheerios while eating them or sorting them in to different cups is a fun counting exercise! Clap for each one that your toddler eats or gets in the cup... Say “Wow! You ate 4 Cheerios! Can you eat 5?” You get the idea! Make it fun and exciting and build the learning in to everyday things you guys do anyways.

The best products to use every day for teaching your toddler are: