New Mom To Be: Checklist For Mom And Newborn Baby Hospital Bag

Mom To Be: Checklist for the Mom and Newborn Baby Hospital Bag

As a new mom to be, you are probably learning quickly how important it is to be prepared for any situation. You are also most likely becoming quiet proficient in writing and completing checklists!

When To Pack The Hospital Bag?

So much to do during this late pregnancy phase! I recommend in the “What To do during pregnancy” article that you pack your hospital bag by month 7. My son was premature, and I was very relieved that all of my prep was done by that time!

I also recommend planning to pack your hospital bag for a few days worth. If you are a super plan ahead-er, you may even pack as if the birth could take place out of town. You never know if baby could decide to come early!

My first labor was 22 hours long with a few days spent in the hospital afterwards. My advice? Over pack. Do not be too concerned about what to wear while you are in labor...pretty sure at some point I tore all of my clothes off...they keep hospitals very warm!

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

So without further ado, get that bag packed and ready with this checklist!

For Mom To Be

1. Change for Vending Machine and Husband Snacks:

Think non perishable items like protein bars, fruit cups and even instant oatmeal. Most delivery wards have a small communal kitchen with a microwave.

2. Adult Diapers:

See the “Self Care for Postpartum Recovery” article for a recommended brand. These things are lifesavers after childbirth!

3. Breast Pump:

If your milk does not come in right away, it is best to pump to speed up the process

4. Long Pajama Shirts:

Remember to only bring clothing items that you expect to want to burn in a fire pit later. Trust me, throw them out after.

5. Toiletry Kit:

Toothbrush, travel shampoo and soap etc.

6. Clothes to Go Home In:

Something comfy and pants work good, or even another set of pajamas!

7. Slippers:

When you are in your hospital gown you may have to do some walking to get the baby moving if you are not dilating as expected. Bring some slip on slippers with grips on the bottom.

8. Hair Brush and Hair Ties:

Your hair during and after labor is going to be one hot mess. Best to tie it up!

9. Lip Chap:

With all of that in and out breathing during contractions your lips will get very dry!

10. Paperwork (id, insurance, birth plan):

Keep any other hospital forms in your hospital bag as well.

11. Cell Phone and Charger:

You will want your phone to take photos, keep family updated and some entertainment. You may be in the hospital for awhile!

12. Any Daily Medication Prescription:

Do not forget to pack any medications as well as your prenatal vitamins!

13. Breast Pads and Bra:

Chances are you will want to be all natural during and after delivery...I certainly did not want anything tight around me when I was in active labor! But for going home in, pack those items.

14. Breastfeeding Cover:I

f you are expecting visitors that do not deserve a free show, bring a breastfeeding cover so you don’t have to ask them to wait in the hall.

For Newborn Baby

1. Two Outfits:

A going home outfit, and as you will soon learn Momma, a second outfit in case they poop or puke on the first outfit. You can include a hat and scratch mittens in the outfit as well.

2. Car Seat with Carrier:

Bring your newborn car seat right in to the hospital room with you. The nursing staff can help you put baby in the car seat for the first time and show you how to do it the right way.

3. Pacifier:

The hospital will give your newborn a pacifier, but in case it falls on the floor and your husband has gone out in search of food, have a second one handy.

4. Two Swaddle Blankets:

One blanket to swaddle your baby and one to use for the trip home.

5. Two Bibs if Bottle Feeding:

If your milk does not come in for a few days, your nurse will offer your baby a bottle. If this is the case, you will be happy you brought some bibs!

6. Breast Feeding Pillow:

As mentioned in the “Self Care Postpartum Recovery” article, those Boppy pillows have several uses for you and baby!

7. Diapers, Wipes and Rash Cream:

The hospital will provide your baby with diapers during his/her stay, but you may as well get used to travelling with this stuff as a new mom / pack mule!

8. If It’s Cold:

Baby bunting and a Car Seat Blanket like this one:

Car Seat Cover Blanket

Checkout the Baby Basics you definitely need so you save yourself some money on the things you really won’t use!

Baby Basics You Need

We would love to hear what is in your hospital bag! When are you due? Share with us in the comment section!