Mom To Be: How To Deal With First Trimester Nausea

The first trimester of pregnancy for a first time mom can be scary, difficult and tiring. You’re new to this right, and you don’t know what to expect. You cannot tell what is normal and what is cause for worry. It is all one big learning experience, most of which you probably want to sleep through.

Not What You Expected?

During my first pregnancy I remember it being hard. The aches and pains, the fatigue...but once my son hit his first birthday I couldn’t wait to be pregnant again. I once again pictured myself, hair blowing in a warm summers breeze in my maternity dress flowing around my beautiful pregnant belly.... um, not so much.

I have officially been on bed rest for a week. In my first trimester. Did you even know that was a thing?! I sure didn’t. At about week 6 I was hit with real morning sickness. Not the type where you feel nauseous in the morning and get over it after a quick hug of the toilet. I have the type that lasts all day long.

The Nausea Symptoms

The worst part about this 24 hour “morning sickness” is the smell of everything around you. I put together a little list of the wiffs that make my stomach churn.

The normal stuff you would expect...

1. My toddlers diaper

2. The diaper genie

3. Most food

4. Dirty clothes

5. Prenatal vitamins

The totally weird smells I didn’t expect

1. Fresh black coffee

2. Plastic grocery bags

3. Crayons

4. Playdoh

5. Milk in a plastic cup

Can you relate? Tell me in the comments what seems to make your nausea worse!

So what is a gal to do when they are plagued by awful nausea, can barely hold down food and still has a toddler to take care of? It is all about sacrifice.

I may have to sacrifice much loved playtime with my toddler for more R&R on the couch. I may have to sacrifice mom and dad quiet time after the kids are asleep so that I can go to bed at 7:00pm. I may have to sacrifice a day away from my toddler by sending him to a friends playgroup so that I can shower, attempt to eat and fit in a small power nap.

It sucks. But you are sacrificing these things so that you can give your family the blessing of a new child. Maybe when I see my children cuddled up in a blanket together watching a movie and giggling, this will all seem worth it.

But while you are stuck in this first trimester, before you can actually enjoy the fruits of your labor, here is a list of tips for dealing with that pregnancy nausea!

Morning Sickness Treatment

1. Switch to herbal tea

I recommend dropping any caffeine, even though a cup of coffee a day is OK. I have found in my own experience it can make morning sickness worse. Best choice is herbal tea without caffeine. My favourites are anything with mint or chamomile lavender.

2. Try Diclectin or Diclegis

Diclegis in the U.S. and Diclectin in Canada, this medication is proven safe to use during pregnancy. It is a drug prescribed by your doctor made up of antihistamine and vitamin B6. It can take awhile to build in your system and begin working.

3. Switch prenatal vitamins

If you think your prenatal vitamins may be causing your morning run to the toilet, try switching to a different brand.

4. Get lots of sleep

Anxiety and stress can worsen your nausea, so keep yourself calm and well rested.

5. Stay hydrated

Worse case scenario, if you find it hard to stomach any food right now, do your best to stay hydrated. You can try Gatorade, herbal tea, electrolyte popsicles and of course, lots and lots of water!

6. Avoid strong smells

If the grocery store makes you queasy, try ordering your groceries online. Walmart allows grocery pick up for free, or even better, amazon delivers groceries right to your door!

7. Stick to bland carbs and produce

Treat your tummy like it has a stomach bug. Try beef or chicken broth, toast, soda crackers and fruit salad. I find myself going in to my toddlers food cupboard a lot for his arrowroot cookies and juice boxes!

8. Try lemon drops or mints

If you cannot avoid strong smells that make you nauseous, try sucking on a lemon drop or scotch mint. I find most of my morning sickness comes from smells that my stomach doesn’t like, so please your sniffer by keeping it busy with a candy or mint.

More Pregnancy Symptom Tips!

Usually morning sickness passes around week 12 of pregnancy. However it can last right up until baby’s due date, although it’s not as common. Try and hang in there!

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Let me know in the comments what has been the hardest part of the first trimester for you or if you have some tips and tricks to help morning sickness! Sharing is caring - let's grow together!