The Best Diaper Bag Checklist: What To Pack To Stay Prepared

The Best Diaper Bag Checklist

Diaper bag essentials depend on the age of your child and also if you are bottle feeding or breastfeeding. I compiled a checklist of all of the items you would want to keep in your diaper bag, but adjust according to age and feeding stage.

Diaper Bag Checklist For The Prepared Mom

1. Diapers

Keep 3 spare diapers in your diaper bag at all times unless you expect to be out all day. In that case, you may even want to include a night time diaper or swim diapers depending on what you plan to do.

2. Wipes

No such thing as too many wipes. Keep a package In the car, the nursery, your diaper bag and the living room. Use them to sop up spills (they are surprisingly absorbent) diaper changes and face or hand cleaning.

3. Bottles

If you bottle feed then keep a ready made bottle as well as a second bottle ready to mix up just in case you are out longer than expected. When we switched to formula, I would spend the extra cash on the ready made cans and keep those in my diaper bag.

4. Sippy Cup

For an older little one keep a Sippy cup of plain water, especially if you plan to be playing outside on a warm day.

5. Blanket

For smaller infants you can use the blanket to swaddle them if you are out visiting friends, or as a blanket in the car. We also used to drape it over our sons car seat when we went for road trips and he had trouble sleeping (which was every car ride btw)!

6. Change of Clothes

Definitely want to stay prepared with an extra set of clothes. Blow outs, sudden change in weather, spills and vomit. Prepare for all of those things you will be just fine!

7. Snacks

Snacks are not only helpful to keep on you for actual snack time, but they act as a great distraction when you are running errands and Baby is not feel’in it. Cheerios, puffs, crackers. Imperishables that can always stay in the diaper bag.

8. Spare Pacifier

In case sucky drops on the floor and you are not somewhere that you can properly clean it, always keep a spare in your bag

9. Hand Sanitizer

This is for you, mom. Use it after diaper changes or on shopping cart handles to get rid of nasty germs

10. Plastic Bags

You can get a cheap roll of lavender dog poop bags at the dollar store. You will want these for diaper changes in the car, wet clothing after the beach and to keep the dirty clothing in if baby has a spill or a diaper explosion.

11. Diaper Change Pad

Most diaper bags come with one built in so that you are not changing baby on an unclean surface

12. Sunscreen

Sunscreen needs to be reapplied if you are at the beach or the park for the day...or if you forgot to apply it in the first place!

13. Nursing Cover, Burp Cloth and Bib

For breastfeeding moms that like to keep it classy, keep a cover in your diaper bags for public feedings. Hey, I’m not here to judge...but as natural as breastfeeding is it can be a bit awkward for the strangers around you.

14. Teething Toy

Keep a spare teething ring or a favourite teething toy in your diaper bag

15. Diaper Rash Cream

Optional, but always good to have an extra tin of cream in your diaper bag.

16. Mom Snacks

Make sure you keep some non perishable snacks for you in the bag. I know it is easy to forget to feed yourself, but it is not fun trying to run errands with a cranky baby while you have low blood sugar!

17. Bottle of Water

This is for you also, mom. Stay hydrated!

I also used the water bottle after fun at the park to rinse dirty hands or wash sandy feet.

18. Tylenol and Syringe

You never know when a fever may strike. Best to keep some infant Tylenol with you for sudden fevers or those days when the teething ring is just not cutting it!

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What are your fave items to keep in your diaper bag? List anything I may have missed in the comments below!