Gift Basket For New Mom: How To Create A New Mom Survival Kit

Gift Basket For A New Mom

Creating a gift basket for a new mom that has just returned home from the hospital is a great way to help out that friend or family member and show them that you care.

I wanted to share this idea with you because I will be putting together some of these survival baskets for my soon to be mom friends, and I thought it was a great idea!

New parents need a ton of support, both physically and emotionally. If you live far away from your new mom friend or you would like to have something special waiting for them when they get home, try a New Mom Survival Basket!

New Mom Gift Basket

What To Include:

1. Something to read while breastfeeding: This could be a favorite magazine or an audio book! Breastfeeding sessions can last around 45 minutes, so it is a great idea to keep something to entertain you close by. I love the idea of an audio book because both your hands are free for baby!

2. Epsom salts: Epsom salts are known for their healing and soothing properties. They work wonders when used in a Sitz Bath for a speedier vaginal labor recovery. I would stick to plain, unscented Epsom salts as scented bath products can cause irritation.

New Mom Survival Kit

3. Herbal tea: My hands down absolute favorite tea is David’s tea. Check them out at They have by far the best tea recipes and a large variety of herbal teas for new moms that chose to avoid caffeine. Fave flavors include: Mother's Little Helper, The Big Chill and Forever Nuts. The. Most. Amazing. Tea! Any mom would be stoked to get a sample pack of any of their flavors.

4. Gift cards for restaurants that deliver: New parents are always told to stock up on freezer meals before baby arrives. But sometimes it is nice to not have to grab that old frozen lasagna out of the freezer when you are feeling munchy. A perfect gift would be a gift card to any local restaurant that delivers. Include a take out menu with the gift card!

5. Gift certificate for a month of house cleaning: Having a newborn can get pretty overwhelming. My fave gift idea would be to hire a cleaner to come in once a week to look after the major stuff: Washing floors, changing bed sheets, dusting and laundry. You could hire the cleaner to come in once a week for a month or even just a one time clean. Any new mom would be amazed at the thought put in to this gift!

6. Meal replacement shakes: Yes I know, when you are breastfeeding it is important to eat healthy and get in those leafy greens. But realistically, it is easy for a new mom to forget to eat anything at all during her busy day. She is tired and may not have much of an appetite. Help her keep up her strength with some ready to drink protein shakes.

New Mom Protein Shake

7. Water Bottle with fruit infuser: The most important thing a new mom can do for her postpartum recovery body is to stay hydrated. Not only will it help with her lack of energy but it will help her milk supply. Did you know that breast milk is on average 87% water! Grab her a basket of strawberries and a few lemons with a new water bottle and help her stay hydrated.

Fruit infused water

8. Pack it all in a Diaper Caddy: Why not use the basket itself as a gift! A Diaper Caddy is perfect to bring around the house with you so you are not constantly running back upstairs to the nursery for a diaper change. Below are a few awesome diaper caddys that can double as organizers when baby turns in to a toddler!

There are so many things you could include in a New Mom Survival Basket depending on how well you know the new mom. Can you think of more thoughtful gifts to include? Put your ideas in the comment box below!

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