How To Be More Comfortable During Pregnancy

How to Feel Better When Pregnancy Is Uncomfortable!?

This topic is a biggy, especially for new moms. When you are literally growing as a mom, it can be unexpectedly uncomfortable. What are some common pregnancy symptoms and how can you deal?

Uncomfortable Pregnancy Symptoms

The most common pregnancy symptoms include:

1. Nausea and upset stomach

2. Pelvic pain and Lower back pain

3. Leg cramps and hip pain

4. Nasal congestion

5. Fatigue

Here is a list of must have products while you are pregnant to counteract those pregnancy symptoms and hopefully make you more comfortable during the next 9 months!

Must Have Pregnancy Items

While you are completing the 20 Step Pregnancy Checklist, this list will help you deal with those physical symptoms of pregnancy!

1. Heating Blanket

This was my go to products for most of those aches and pains during pregnancy. If you are experiencing back pain, leg cramps, hip pain or all over body aches and pains, invest in a good heating blanket. This blanket on my Baby Store page is the one I purchased and it has allowed to me fall asleep during the worst hip pain I have ever experienced!

2. Tylenol

Use your flip app to find out where Tylenol is on sale and stock up on this stuff. Headaches, body aches and swollen feet will thank you. Tylenol is considered safe to take during pregnancy (as long as the recommended dose on the bottle is not exceeded).

3. Errand Boy

That’s right! If you don’t have a doting partner during this time, use those local resources in your town to act as your errand boy. Too tired to cook? Hello delivery service. Back and hip pain? Treat yourself to a pregnancy massage. Use the free Walmart grocery pickup option if you feel too pregnant to limp around those grocery isles. The important thing here is to allow yourself to take it easy!