Pregnancy As A New Mom

First Time Pregnancy: New Mom Tips

Oh pregnancy. I have such a love / hate relationship with you!

When I learnt I was pregnant, I was so overjoyed. We wanted it, we planned it, it happened. How lucky!

I got all of the books and listened to all of the other moms, but the biggest thing I learnt is every pregnancy is so different! You kind of have to take each day as it comes, and not compare your experience with anyone else’s.

First Trimester

My first few weeks of pregnancy I remember just being really thirsty. This continued through my whole pregnancy. Water water water, couldn’t get enough!

Into my second month I was a little nauseous. At the time I was working, and had no idea how an employer would treat its loyal employee once they were pregnant. My boss at the time, being a mom herself, I figured would be pretty sympathetic. Maybe dish out some extra bathroom breaks etc. However when I did call her complaining of frequent vomiting, her recommendation was to “vomit in the garbage can, the clients will understand”. I knew I would not make it full term at this job.

I was so tired, like could have slept 18 hours a day tired.

Second Trimester

My second trimester was a hole different story. I was very lucky! I had a complete change in energy level and could not get enough exercise. I walked everyday and needing to hike, speed walk and stroll for several hours a day. My husband and I went spurlunking (caving) and I was gung ho for anything. That is, until the hip pain set in. I would walk the dog halfway down our normal route and then limp in agony the rest of the way. The hip pain was so fierce that i had trouble sleeping and was in constant pain.

Another interesting symptom that I was not expecting was Gestational Diabetes. Around 20 months, if I recall correctly, I drank the orange juice at the hospital. When it came back that I was positive for GB I was very surprised. I considered myself healthy and everything else in my pregnancy was going according to plan. Luckily in my case it was all managed by diet and regular blood level checks. Interestingly, this contributed to me losing 17 pounds during my pregnancy as I no longer ate chips as a late night snack!

My second trimester is also when I had some interesting cravings. Croissants, cucumber (had to be the little garden grown kind) and dirt. Yum dirt! That’s right, when my husband and I went caving I wanted to lick the walls. To satisfy this craving I ate tons and tons of mushrooms.

Third Trimester

Then the strange symptoms began around month 6. One morning I woke up, did my normal morning tidy up and noticed a heavy feeling “down there”. An hour later and my lady parts had swelled to thrice the size! Picture a large hamburger. I was completely freaked out! Of course I start scouring the baby books to try and find out what this was, no luck. Luckily though, my neighbour was a nurse. I didn’t know her that well, but I didn’t care! I knocked on her door and said “hey, sorry to bother you but I have a pregnancy related question and it’s a bit of an emergency”. She of course said she’d be happy to help. I went on to explain that my hoo-ha grew 3 sizes overnight! Long story short, it ended up that the baby was in such a way that it was cutting off blood circulation to my downstairs and all the cleaning I did that morning made it super swell with blood. I put my feet up and it went away that evening.

Around my third trimester I began balding. Like, the books said I would get shiny luscious locks while pregnant! But nope, I had a nice thinning of hair around both temples.

Done Being Pregnant: Get Out!

By this time the fatigue had come back, the hip and lower back pain was worse than ever and I was overall ready to be done being pregnant. Even a trip to the grocery store was too much for me physically!

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