What To Do All Day With Baby? 0-6 Months

What to do with baby all day: 0-6 month

Babies are quite simple creatures when it comes to their daily routine. However, the new mom tends to overthink her every move with her new baby. Is she/he bored? Am I doing enough with him/her? What do we do all day!?

Sound familiar?

A baby’s day is divided into 3 parts.

1. Eating

2. Sleeping

3. Awake time

Simple right?

Read this: The purpose of this article is to remind you that these are the simple days. If you are like me, you may be a nervous, worry-filled anxiety wreck right now. I know, you love your baby and want to do everything you can to make sure they reach milestones. But before the ABCs, the hide and seek, the constant physical activity and the busy, busy, busy, go-go-go attitude of a toddler, just please, for your own sake, keep this time simple.

As for milestones (even the ones listed below) remember that each baby is so different. My son was very late to sit up and to crawl. I hated hearing the words “milestones”. The mention of them would cause me to sweat. Listen to your baby's doctor for development information, and go with your gut. So breath, you amazing mommy, and remember: keep it simple!

So what do we do during the awake time?

Here is a list of ideas of what to do with your baby, by age.

Newborn to 1 month


Awake time:

-Skin to Skin: you and baby get in your birthday suits and hold each other oh so lovingly. it is said that one of the most important bonding experience is skin to skin.

It familiarizes baby with your smell and reminds baby of being in the womb from the sound of your heart beat. For you, it helps milk production and the contracting of your uterus back to its normal size. It is also really relaxing and soothing for both of you.

-Talk to your baby: make silly faces, sing and talk to your baby. They love your voice and remember it from the womb. Also show them some black and white images from baby books.