The 7 Best Pregnancy Belly Bands of 2023

Are you feeling the pain of your growing baby bump? A maternity belt can give you the support and compression you need to get back to your normal routine – without the pain.

But here’s the problem with some maternity belts: They don’t last very long. It’s not always easy to find a quality belt. I learned that the hard way. I tried about a dozen belts over the course of my pregnancies, and most of them fell apart after just a few weeks of use. Not all were bad. And these are the ones that I want to share with you in my collection of best maternity girdle reviews. In this guide, I’ll share my top picks for the best belt, so you can choose one that will give you the support and durability you need.

My Top 7 Maternity Support Belt Reviews

1. AZMED Maternity Belt

The AZMED maternity belt provides pain relief and support without forcing you to wear some crazy, complicated contraption. In fact, you can wear this belt under your clothes, so no one will even know you’re wearing it.

What I really like about this belt is that it’s made from elastic material, which means it stretches just the right amount to give you support without discomfort. And the material is breathable, so my belly isn’t sweating at the end of the day. If you’re dealing with back pain (what pregnant woman isn’t?), you need this belt in your life. One size fits all (up to 46″), so this may not be the right choice for every woman.

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2. NEOtech Care Maternity Belt

If you’re looking for maximum support and don’t mind a bigger apparatus, the NEOtech belt is a great option. It’s fully adjustable, which means you can use it throughout your entire pregnancy. And it’s constructed with breathable fabric for maximum comfort.

The NEOtech has multiple layers of nylon, polyester, cotton and elastic, so you get just the right blend of comfort, flexibility and breathability. There are four elastic side panels that add compression and support, but they’re designed to allow optimal airflow.

The NEOtech belt comes in multiple sizes, which is determined by your belly circumference:

  • S: 33-41″
  • M: 38-45″
  • L: 42-49″
  • XL: 46-5$”
  • XXL: 52-60.5″

I love that this belt is adjustable, so it can last your entire pregnancy.

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3. Babo Care Breathable Belt

Babo Care’s breathable pregnancy belt is doctor-recommended, and it’s designed to give you maximum support. I love that this belt is wider than most, and it provides just the right amount of compression for pain relief and support. And believe it or not, this belt also helps with posture. Better posture further helps prevent back pain and strain on the spine. Made from skin-friendly, breathable material, you can wear this belt every day without breaking a sweat (literally).

Whether you’re out grocery shopping, at work or exercising, this belt’s flexible material will make you forget you’re wearing it. It can be worn at night, too, to relieve the pain and discomfort that keeps you from falling asleep. I also love that this belt is adjustable, so you don’t have to replace it midway through your pregnancy. One size fits all up to 48.”

The Babo Care belt is one of the best pregnancy support band models on the market, and I highly recommend it for women who want a supportive belt that’s easy to wear.

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4. Bracoo Adjustable Belt

There’s a lot to love about the Bracoo maternity belt, and it’s one of the top-rated pregnancy belts for back pain. But I really love that you can keep wearing this after your pregnancy to help correct pelvic posture.

Just like with the Babo Care belt, you can adjust the fit of the Bracoo belt for a comfortable fit all day long. Adjusting is easy, too, because the belt uses Velcro to keep it secured. You can also wear this belt under your regular clothes, and no one will be able to tell you have it on. The Bracoo belt can support bellies up to 46,” and after you have your baby, you can keep wearing this belt as a body shaper.

All in all, I give the Bracoo belt a thumbs up. It’s easy to wear, comfortable and breathable. It offers great value for the money, too, because you can wear it all throughout your pregnancy and afterwards.

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5. Leward Support Belly Brace

The Leward belt is the best maternity support belt for pelvic pain, and offers complete support coverage for your back and belly.

Leward’s design is similar to the NEOtech belt. It’s fully adjustable, so you can wear it throughout your entire pregnancy. It also has multiple layers and a nylon/cotton liner for maximum comfort and flexibility. The elastic side panels make this belt more breathable and add compression for added support and pain relief. This belt also comes with a lift attachment that lifts your belly without adding any pressure.

One thing moms will appreciate is the built-in supports. These keep the belt in place and prevent rolling, so you’re not constantly adjusting and fiddling with your belt. Another thing you’ll love: This belt comes in multiple sizes to fit moms of all shapes and sizes. Sizes are based on your belly’s circumference, so don’t go by t-shirt size.

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Here’s Leward’s sizing chart:

  • M: 38-46″
  • L: 42-50″
  • XL: 46-55.5″
  • XXL: 52-61.5″

If you want a comfortable, adjustable and breathable belt that gives you maximum support, I highly recommend the Leward belly brace. It may be bigger and more noticeable than other belts or bands, but it’s really great for support and pain relief.

Click here to see the Leward support belt on Amazon.

6. Gabrialla Medium Support Belt

What’s great about Garbialla’s belts is that they come in different support levels. If you just need a little extra support (maybe you’re still early on in your pregnancy), then the medium support belt is a great option. This brace is a little different from the others we’ve talked about. It’s almost like a sling for your belly. It wraps around the lower half of your back and underneath your belly.

The Gabrialla brace is one of the most supportive designs out there, and I would dare say that it’s the best back brace for pregnancy. But this belt gets even better: It has a 6″ pocket in the back for a hot/cold pack.

If you’re struggling with back pain, this is the belt you want. It also promotes proper posture and helps prevent stretch marks. The belt’s material is 80% polyester and 20% lycra, so it’s soft on the skin and flexible for maximum comfort. It’s adjustable, too, so you can find just the right fit for your body and belly.

The Gabrialla belt comes in six sizes, which are based on the circumference from your lower back to the underside of your belly.

  • S: 30-36″
  • M: 34-40″
  • L: 38-44″
  • XL: 42-48″
  • XXL: 46-52″
  • XXXL: 50-56″

Easy and comfortable to wear, moms of all shapes and sizes will love this belt. The only drawback? It’s not as breathable as some of the other belt’s we’ve reviewed.

Click here to see the Gabrialla maternity belt on Amazon.

7. It’s You Babe Cradle

If you need maximum support, It’s You Babe’s cradle is the right choice. Sure, it’s a bit more complicated to wear, but it’s worth the effort to avoid pain all day. And this belt really does cradle your belly while supporting your back. It’s You Babe’s device wraps around the shoulders and upper back to give you the maximum level of support for pain relief. Its design eases discomfort and lifts the weight up from the pelvis.

The supportive action of this cradle improves circulation and even helps prevent swelling in your feet and ankles. Plus, the open abdominal design keeps you comfortable and cool throughout the day.

The It’s You Babe cradle comes in three sizes:

  • S: 3-10 pant size (pre-pregnancy); support band measurement of 30-43″
  • M: 8-16 pant size (pre-pregnancy); support band measurement of 36-52″
  • L: 14-20 pant size (pre-pregnancy); support band measurement of 43-58″

A hook and eye closure allows for a flexible but soft and secure fit that lays flat against the skin. The smart design of this cradle makes it easy to wear underneath clothing.

Click here to see the It’s You Babe cradle on Amazon.

Why All Pregnant Women Should Wear a Maternity Belt

In my first pregnancy, I laughed at women who wore maternity belts. Women had been going through pregnancies for centuries without belts. We really don’t need them. Or do we?

Of course, right about the time I was poking fun at these ladies, my belly was growing to the point where it was putting some serious strain on my back. I swallowed my pride and gave a maternity belt a try. I’ve never looked back.

If you’re still on the fence about wearing a belt, here are some compelling reasons to give it a try:

1. Support and Pain Relief

The most obvious benefit of wearing a maternity belt is that it provides you with back pain relief and support for your growing baby bump. If you’re in your second or third trimester and you do more waddling than walking, you could really benefit from wearing a supportive belt.

All of that extra weight from your belly is throwing your balance and your posture off kilter. Waddling may be the most comfortable way to get around, but it will take a toll on your lower back, ligaments, joints and muscles eventually. A belt allows for even distribution of your baby’s weight, so you can walk normally and more comfortably – and without back pain.

Along with back pain, a properly-fitting belt can also help alleviate Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) pain, which is located in the pelvis. The SIJ provides stability and shock absorption.

2. Better Posture

Whether we want to admit it or not, our posture changes during pregnancy. There’s really no way around it when your belly throws off your balance.

Weaker and looser muscles (thanks to hormones) causes us to overextend our lower backs. The bigger our bellies get, the more we overextend and put pressure on our lower backs. Maternity belts help improve your posture by keeping your lower back in its natural position when you’re sitting, walking and exercising.

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3. Stretch Mark Prevention

A maternity belt helps keep your belly and back in place, but it also offers compression and support. All of these things work together to help prevent stretch marks.

There’s no guarantee that a belt will leave you stretch-mark-free, but it will help – especially when combined with a good moisturizing routine.

4. Compression for Active Moms

The compression action of a maternity belt can help give active moms the support they need to keep up their exercise routines during pregnancy. Some belts are more supportive than others, so if you plan to continue your daily runs, you may need a belt with maximum support.

But no matter how intense or gentle your workout routine is (please talk to your doctor about it), we can all agree that exercise is so much more comfortable and less painful when you wear a good maternity belt.

5. After-Pregnancy Body Shaping

A maternity belt is not a wasted investment. If you buy an adjustable belt, you can wear it all throughout your pregnancy and afterwards. Whether you have a C-section or a vaginal birth, a maternity belt can be used to help bring everything back together and may even help you get back to your pre-pregnancy body a little quicker.

I loved wearing my belt after pregnancy because it gave me some extra support and helped reshape my body.

5 Tips for Wearing a Pregnancy Support Belt

Ready to dive in and buy a maternity belt? Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your belt:

1. Wear Your Belt at Night

If pain or discomfort is keeping you up at night, try wearing your maternity belt while you sleep. The compression and support will help alleviate discomfort and allow you to get some much-needed rest.

Believe me – you’ll need all the sleep you can get because it will be in short supply after your baby is born. If the belt isn’t enough, you can also use a maternity pillow to get even more support and comfort.

2. You Can Start Wearing a Belt Whenever You Want

There’s no right or wrong time to start wearing a maternity belt. Some women start at 20 weeks, while others don’t need it until the 30-35 week mark.

Just make sure that you talk to your doctor about wearing a belt to make sure it’s safe for your pregnancy.

3. Choose a Belt That Fits You

Don’t just run out and pick the first belt you can get your hands on, and don’t just choose a belt because it’s well-rated. Analyze and consider the design of the belt. Maybe a cradle with shoulder straps would be better for you. Maybe you need only minimal support for your belly, but extra back support.

Each style and design offers a different benefit and is better suited for some women than others. Pick a belt that will fit you and your belly best.

Speaking of fit – make sure that you choose the right size belt. Most maternity belts are safe for babies, but if the belt is too tight, it may cause complications. Check the sizing chart before buying, and measure the circumference of your belly to get just the right fit. No one wants to walk around wearing a belt that’s too tight – it’s uncomfortable.

4. You Don’t Have to Wear Your Belt Every Day

Most women assume that once they put on a maternity belt, they have to wear it every single day. While you’ll probably get the most benefit out of wearing it daily, it’s also a good idea to give your belly a rest once in a while.

If your back is feeling good and you’re not going to have a particularly busy day, see how it feels to go belt-free.

5. Wear the Belt Properly

It should go without saying that you should wear whichever belt you choose properly. All belts will come with instructions on how to wear it safely, so make sure that you follow them. If the belt is too tight, it can cause problems. If the belt isn’t on properly, it may not do what it’s supposed to do: give you support and compression.

A maternity belt may not be the right choice for every woman (women carrying low usually find belts to be uncomfortable), but if you’re suffering with back pain, it may help alleviate your discomfort.

Your body is busy growing a human. The last thing you want is add more pain and discomfort. The support and compression of a maternity belt can help you carry on with your normal routine pain-free.